Sad and shocked with brutal murder of Ms Prabha Arun Kumar in Westmead, NSW

Press release:

9th March, 2015

Indian Australian community is sad & shocked with the brutal murder of Indian IT professional, Ms Prabha Arun Kumar in Sydney, NSW.

Ms Kumar was stabbed to death in a lane way connecting Park Parade, Parramatta and Amos Street, Westmead, NSW at 9.30 PM on Saturday, 7th March, 2015. At the time of the attack, she was on phone with her husband in India.

She was from Bangalore, India and was on work visa, working for a software company in Sydney. She was due to return to India next month. She is survived by her husband and a 9 year old daughter.

Prabha Arun Kumar It is a tragic and heart-breaking news. Our heart goes out to her family, especially her husband and daughter.

We know that NSW Police is investigating this crime to find the culprits, responsible for this heinous crime. We want them to keep our community in the information loop, as there is massive concern and grief in the community.

We ask local Police, Parramatta Council and Parramatta Park Trust to do an urgent review of the area to figure out and fix the security black-spots in that area. Lightening and CCTV facilities should be installed and improved if that is what needs to be done to improve safety and security of people in the area.

We ask Premier Mike Baird and NSW Labor’s leader, Luke Foley, to outline their plans for crime control and for safety and security in the area specifically, and Western Sydney generally.

We also urge people to be aware of their personal safety each and every time they venture out of their home, whether it is for work or leisure.

We appeal to people to contact local Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 if they have any info, which might help Police to arrest the perpetrators and solve this heinous crime.

Dr Yadu Singh

President, Indian Australian Association of NSW Inc

0413 375 669


PS: I have visited the area this morning and have spoken with some members of the community.

5 thoughts on “Sad and shocked with brutal murder of Ms Prabha Arun Kumar in Westmead, NSW

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  3. It extremely tragic and most importantly in an area Indians see as a home away from home. The way other countries do, I would like Govt of India to issue some advisory to its citizens travelling abroad to take care of certain things.


  4. see once developing country people move to devloped countries to earn livlihood how can you say that they should take precautions and not trevel by public transport at night or working late night shifts its the fault of the country who can not protect life of a human irrespective of the person belongs to .finally this is clear murder and nothing else lets see the country like australia takes what steps to bring the culprits to book


  5. Not for the first-time an innocent life has been taken mindlessly, perhaps for a few dollars. Despite the affluence and sparse population affluent nations are not crime free. Students and visitors from developing countries are often lulled into false sense of security due to an absence of warnings usually issued by Western nations.

    Understanding the level and nature of violence and precautions such as avoiding travelling by public transport at night, working late night shifts, taking a short cut through lonely areas, are essential safety measures.

    With increasing number of Indian students and visitors travelling abroad it is time the Indian Government and embassies abroad provided such travel advice.


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