Joint press release from Indian Australian & Pakistani Australian communities on Merrylands RSL club brawl on 15th Feb 2015

Joint Press release from Indian Australian & Pakistani Australian Communities

INDAUS LOGOPakistan Australia Council Logo

Dated 16th February, 2015

Subject: Brawl and riotous behaviour by some Indian & Pakistani cricket fans in Merrylands RSL on the night of 15th February, 2015

The incident last night was unacceptable and there cannot be any excuse for this hooliganism, senseless brawl & riotous behavior. We condemn it in no uncertain words.

There are no problems between Indian Australian & Pakistani Australian communities in Sydney or anywhere in Australia. We have numerous common and close friends from each other’s community and get on very well with each other as communities.

Both communities believe in multiculturalism and peaceful co-existence. Merrylands RSL incident last night was an isolated example and an “one off”, for which excessive emotions, probably mixed with Alcohol, has to be blamed.

We, as the communities, are on the side of authorities to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Tendencies like what happened last night do need to be tackled with full force of law.

Dr Yadu Singh                                                                                          Mr Iftikhar Rana

President                                                                                                  President

Indian Australian Association of NSW Inc                                           Pakistan Australia Council

0413 375 669                                                                                            0414 670 002                                                              


Link of my ABC The World Today interview:


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