Heartless and outrageous: a national inquiry needed to fine-tune surrogacy

Sydney, 9th October, 2014

Reading the newspapers this morning, I feel concerned and perturbed with some issues around surrogacy.




Only recently, we were told that  baby Gammy was abandoned by an Australian couple in Thailand, because he has Down’s syndrome. His twin sister, who was healthy, was brought to Australia. http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2014/s4089822.htm

In the currently reported case, which has been investigated by ABC, and reported extensively, an agency arranged a surrogate mother in India, who gave birth to twins in 2012. Australian family took only one child, based on the gender, but did not bring the other child to Australia.

They did this, despite efforts from Australian High Commission in India, which tried to persuade the couple to bring both children to Australia. They even delayed issuing visa to encourage the couple to change their minds. It has been reported that an Australian politician pressured Australian High Commission to help this couple. Former Australian Foreign Affairs ministers, Bob Carr and Kevin Rudd, have denied that they were involved in pressuring Australian Consular officials.

Who is this politician then? I think Australians deserve to know his/her name.

http://www.surrogacyaustralia.org/about-us/general-info-on-overseas-surrogacy link provides how surrogacy operates, and is conducted.

I have no doubt that surrogacy plays a very important role in helping childless parents.

Family Court Chief Justice, Diana Bryant, has been quoted that the abandoned child was passed on to another family and money possibly changed hands to facilitate this. She thought this amounted to “child trafficking”.

Federal Circuit Court Chief Judge, John Pascoe, has asked for a national inquiry into surrogacy.

I am unable to understand how parents abandon children born out of surrogacy arrangements. These children are their own.

I am also concerned about gender or the health of the child being used as a factor in this decision. The question is who is responsible for the abandoned child. The answer to this is that it can not be the surrogate mother unless she makes an informed decision to agree to it by keeping the baby with her. Commissioning parents must be the ones who should be responsible for looking after the kid (s) born out of surrogacy arrangements.

It is not only a moral issue, but it clearly is a legal issue too.

A national inquiry is indeed needed to fine-tune and streamline surrogacy in Australia.

Dr Yadu Singh



India’s Look East Policy:Australia is a perfect fit in it!

I was invited to write this article for the Journal from Foreign Policy Research Centre [FPRC], New Delhi. FPRC is a Think Tank on India’s Foreign Policy.

I have argued that Australia and India should develop the best of the best relations, and suggested how it can be achieved.

Link is here>>>  LEP.FPRC.Journal  See pages 200-206.

PS: Please note that ALP has passed a resolution in its national conference on Sunday, 4th Dec, 2011, reversing the ban on Uranium trade with India. Yadu Singh/6th Dec, 2011.

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/15th Nov, 2011





A wrong has been righted in DIAC India map matter. Thank you, Australian Govt!

I have a good news which I want to share with everyone who loves India and Australia, just as much as we do.

We raised the matter involving an incorrect map of India in DIAC [Dept of Immigration and citizenship] website.

See this post for details of this matter. http://tinyurl.com/3oxh9pg

We also wrote to Australian Foreign Affairs minister, Mr Kevin Rudd and Immigration minister, Mr Chris Bowen, under whose ministry, DIAC operates.

We also wrote to Indian High commissioner in Canberra and Consul General of India, Sydney.

Social media-Twitter and Facebook- were used to generate awareness. We do have access to Australian top political leaders via our social media outlets.

As this NDTV report suggests, the incorrect map is going to be removed from DIAC website. http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/no-j-k-arunachal-pradesh-in-oz-map-of-india-111792

Council of Indian Australians[ www.cia.org.au ] and myself are really proud of ourselves. We are also proud of our friends for being involved in this campaign. Genuine thanks are due to Australian Govt authorities for acting quickly in a matter which was causing a serious concern to Indian Australians, and [I guess] to India.

A wrong has been righted, and we are proud to be a part of the campaign to get it done.

Finally, this re-enforces my views that Australia is a great nation.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/13rd June, 2011



Australian Uranium to India:Why Australia should sell it to India?

Last year, the then PM, Kevin Rudd and several ministers including the then Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard visited India. India is an important country for Australia on multiple counts. It is a rising global power which is also an important trading partner of Australia. Indian students’ issues aside, both countries enjoy friendly relations with one another. 

We, Indian Australians, have a keen interest in seeing good relations between these two countries.

Both countries must consider the interests of one another while doing business with one another. There are too many things which bind us together. These are our democracies, rule of law, multi-cultural societies, love of Cricket and memberships of the Commonwealth to name a few.

Previous Australian Gov led by PM John Howard did many things to move Australia and India closer. He declared that he would sell Uranium to India as India had impeccable records of nuclear non-proliferation. Other important step in this direction was a decision to initiate a quadrilateral strategic dialogue involving USA, Australia, India and Japan. Yet another was the naval exercises called Malabar exercises involving  Navies from India, USA, Australia, Japan and Singapore. After winning the Gov in 2007, Kevin Rudd led ALP Gov reversed the decision to sell Uranium to India and other steps too became non-operative from one or the other reason. Unhappy with Australia’s policies, India did not participate in Kakadu Naval exercises where even Pakistani Navy showed up.  Basically, Australia-India relations have moved backward since 2007. They moved back a few degrees more after the students’ issues last year. A serious work is required to rectify this situation.

Indian economy is growing and will keep growing for years to come. GFC [Global Financial Crisis] did not affect India as much as it did others. India is on a roll. The only thing which holds India down is the fact that it has a problem in regards to its energy supply. It needs more and more energy for its growth. It  needs as much energy as it can get its hands on. Indian economy’s growth is essential not only for India but it is also essential for the health of the world economy.

India has been exploring all sources of energy supply as its local supply is far shorter than what it needs. India has to import petroleum from the Arab countries and is debating about the gas supply from Iran. Iranian Gas is however problematic as it has to transit via Pakistani territory which is a problem in itself. Pakistani Govt authorities will never be able to guarantee a secure transit due to its weakness and the presence of the “non-state actors” there who are anti-India. In addition, India cannot rule out a war between India and Pakistan which will create problems in the transit of the gas.

India is therefore forced to explore the option of atomic energy. It has no choice. Thanks to the leadership of The Prime Minister, Mr ManMohan Singh and the then US President, Mr George Bush, India has an India-specific NSG [Nuclear Suppliers’ Group] exemption in 2009 which enabled it  to have bilateral nuclear energy deals with USA, Russia, France, Canada and some more countries. India needs a similar deal with Australia which will allow the Uranium sale to India. Australia has about 40% of world Uranium and sells it to China. NPT should not be an obstacle for Australia to sell Uranium to India after the NSG’s India specific exemption and with India’s impeccable record in nuclear non-proliferation. NSG exemption was a testimony to the fact that India has been a responsible country and has never been involved in nuclear proliferation, unlike others in our neighbourhood. Australia supported this exemption. NSG exemption permits nuclear trade by India without signing NPT.

We should remind ourselves about what the former Australian PM, Mr John Howard had said about such sale. He said that it would not be fair to sell Uranium to China and deny that to India. PM Howard was dead right.

When Kevin Rudd’s ALP Gov reversed Mr Howard’s decision, India was upset and disappointed. Indian Australians were upset too. People felt that it was an unfair decision. India had a difficulty to understand the logic behind this decision once India was given NSG exemption with an active support from Australia.  NPT issue is not relevant at all in regards to India as India has impeccable records in these matters. ALP’s policy, insisting on NPT signature by India, is wrong and ill-considered. Australian Foreign Minister Mr Stephen Smith’s press conference in New Delhi is worth going through. It is available through DFAT website. India has never been involved in nuclear proliferation unlike Pakistan and China. China is a NPT signatory but its record in these matters is not that great. Everybody knows the nexus between China and Pakistan. We should not forget how North Korea got its atomic bombs. Pakistan would not have supplied anything to North Korea without the consent of China. Manuals in Chinese language were found even in Lybia which tried to buy things from disgraced proliferators like AQ Khan of Pakistan.

Simply put, it makes no sense for Australian Uranium going to China but not to India. In fact, there is more justification for Uranium sale to India. It will be pragmatic and a smart move if ALP drops its objection to selling Uranium to a non-NPT signatory country like India because India has fault-free records in proliferation matters and this fact has been recognised by the world with the India specific NSG waiver.  ALP decision to not sell Uranium to India has been considered unfriendly by many quarters in India and Indian Australian community. It is a big stumbling block in good Australia-India relations.

I have urged the Australian PM and ALP to give India a “fair go” through emails and my Blog. I argued that it was what was expected from a friendly country. It is not fair to bind Australia with the NPT dogma and not see the whole issue in a realistic way. A friend has to see the problems of  his/her friends properly. Australia is a friend of India. It showed it by supporting the NSG exemption for India in Vienna last year. It shows it by supporting a permanent position for India in UNSC. It is about time that we see it once again by seeing Uranium trade between Australia and India. As we understand, it [ALP] would not have any political fallout from its decision to sell Uranium to India because the Coalition is already in favour of doing so. It should not be a problem to amend Atomic energy Act either, giving an India-specific exemption for Australian Uranium sale to India. I remain doubtful though whether ALP and specifically ALP Left will change its objection in this regard.

I urge my Australian Indian friends to lobby with their local MPs on this matter. We need to pool our energies in persuading the Australian Gov to sell Uranium to India.

Like Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf [Ex Australian High Commissioner to New delhi], I and thousands of my friends in Australia do believe strongly that Australia should sell Uranium to India. We find this refusal to sell Uranium to India  unfair and illogical. India needs new and cleaner sources of energy  and nuclear energy is at the top of its list. Nuclear energy will not only help India but it will help the whole world as it will reduce pollution and carbon emission.

A time has come when Australia sees the issues properly and does the right thing. That right thing is to sell Uranium to India.

PM Julia Gillard, if elected on 21st Aug, will get an opportunity to change this illogical policy and sell Uranium to India but will she do it is yet to be seen.

Tony Abbott, if he gets the mandate on 21st Aug, and his team including Julie Bishop, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb have already reconfirmed their resolve to sell Uranium to India.

We want some significant movement for more meaningful and better Australia- India relations.

The question in our minds is whether ALP will do the right thing or whether it would be the coalition which will do it!

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/09-11-09 



It is called Indian Subcontinent, not just subcontinent!

A new fashion has started in our community recently. New and newer groups are being formed. They are often called sub-continent this or sub-continent that. They don’t put Indian word before their name. I have a problem with it.

I am aware of the term “Indian subcontinent” but not just “subcontinent”. India is a predominant country in Indian subcontinent. That is why it is called Indian subcontinent All territory of this was of course Indian until 63 years ago. Present day Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan were part of this BHARAT or India. Fiji is not part of Indian subcontinent, just like West Indies is not. Fiji is about 15000 Kms away from India.

If any one wants to form a group from the Indian subcontinent, it should ideally be called “Indian subcontinent” this or that. If they have an allergy with words “Indian” or “India”, then they should say so and tell us why or at whose behest.

One would expect that the president of any group which has “Subcontinent” word in its name is from India as Indians will constitute the majority of such grouping, but it could come from any country which is part of Indian subcontinent geographically. It can’t have any person who is manifestly anti-Indian in his/her thoughts, designs and conduct. They have to accept that Kashmir is an inseparable and inalienable part of India.

Federal Election is very near. This is a tough election because ALP PM Mr Kevin Rudd was removed in a very unusual way. People have called this a political assassination by ALP factional bosses and union leaders. Unions affiliated with political parties are desperate to retain/regain powers. They may therefore send their “paid” workers to infiltrate our community and become our “leaders”. This may be done to hijack our votes.

We need to be careful in these matters.

We must know  which leader [s] are “paid” employee [s] of Unions and trying to become our “leader [s]”!

We should be careful with the designs of “leaders” who are not from India, but might be parachuted as our leaders. They may in fact be anti-India, but trying to become our “leaders” for their personal benefits.

I have seen several such people who have been trying to get into our community for their business interests with the help of some simpletons from our community. I hope our own simpletons from our community will use their brains [?] and see the true game of these people who are mixing with us for their benefits, but are not friendly with India or Indians.

I will accept an Indian as my leader for Indian community matters, not some one who is not from India, or who is anti-India. If they are not from India, they can not be the leaders for Indian community logically.

I will not accept any paid employee of any union to be my leader. Our community needs community leaders, not Union leaders. Let Union leaders concentrate in Union politics, not community politics!

You have been warned!!

Yadu Singh/Sydney/31st July, 2010

John Howard is a perfect candidate for ICC.

ICC is in news again. Unfortunately, it is so for the wrong reasons. In its recent executive committee meeting in Singapore, they have rejected the candidature of Mr John Howard as its Vice President. If he became the Vice president, he would have become its President in 2 years.


This is a wrong decision and is creating a wrong precedent.

John Howard is an eminent person and is one of the world leaders. He is of course the ex PM of Australia.

ICC has a tradition and protocol. This has been agreed by ICC. There is no need to disregard that protocol. ICC has a rotational system for Vice President who later becomes President.

The protocol is about who gets a turn to nominate its candidate for Vice President. This year, it was Oceania’s turn. Australia and NZ [Oceania] had a robust selection process and Mr Howard was the winner of that process.

I believe that ICC members should respect that process and approve Mr Howard as its Vice President. To reject his candidature is wrong and is in breach of the protocol. It is establishing a wrong precedent. Don’t forget that ICC had not advanced any reason for their decision while rejecting Mr Howard’s candidature. Not good, at all!

Mr Howard was a great Prime Minister of Australia and ran the Gov for 11 years. His personal integrity is beyond question. I didn’t agree with every thing his Gov did but it is irrelevant. What he did as the OZ PM is not of any relevance to ICC. He is now retired. His views on Mr Mugabe are not wrong. I do not agree with what was done by his Gov to Dr Haneef but again, it is not relevant. Again, even though it is irrelevant for this discussion, he was lot more pro-India , at least in the later part of his Gov, than one would like to accept. It was he who decided to sell Uranium to India. It was he who decided to strengthen strategic relations with India. Both of these policies were later reversed by the ALP Gov led by Mr Kevin Rudd.

The issue is about his competence to run ICC as VP initially with Mr Sharad Pawar as the president and later as President when Mr Pawar finished his term. There is no doubt that he would be a great candidate for both roles.

The second issue is whether it was the turn of Oceania to nominate its candidate for VP and whether there is a protocol to accept the nominee from the region whose turn it was currently. The answers to both questions are in affirmative.

I also believe that Mr Howard would be a great VP/President as he would do cleansing and bring transparency in that body. ICC needs it.

I am pleased that PM Julia Gillard is supporting Mr Howard. I believe that Australia and NZ should stand with Mr Howard and not allow the nonsense from the ICC delegates from Africa and Asia to succeed. Oceania should not endorse any one else as that would embolden the architects of the nonsense in ICC.

Give Mr Howard a “Fair Go”!

Yadu Singh/Sydney/2nd July, 2010


Top wealthy people in the world:Many Indians in it and one Pakistani too!

dryadusingh Top wealthy people in the world:many Indians in it. Have a look. http://bit.ly/44qQ7k

Mukesh Ambani, Lakshmi Mittal and Anil Ambani are there.

Visit the list further and see which King/Queen/Prince/Head of State is in it.

Mr Asif Ali Zardari is in it too and PM Kevin Rudd is also mentioned. PM Man Mohan Singh is not there.

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This list of billionaires is based (where not otherwise noted) on an annual ranking of the world’s wealthiest people compiled and published by Forbes magazine on March 11, 2009.[1] The listed net worth represents the estimated value of assets less debt as of February 13, 2009.[2] The list does not include heads of state whose wealth is tied to their position (see List of heads of state and government by net worth).

The world’s 5 wealthiest people
Lawrence Ellison




Top billionaires

The following list is the ranking of the world’s richest billionaires as of February 13, 2009, and does not reflect changes since then.

Billionaries per age 2009.JPG

Icon Description
Has not changed from the list for 2008.
Has increased from the list for 2008.
Has decreased from the list for 2008.
No.  ↓ Name  ↓ Net worth (USD)  ↓ Age  ↓ Citizenship  ↓ Residence  ↓ Sources of wealth  ↓ Ref.
&0000000000000001.0000001 Gates, BillBill Gates $40.0 billion  53  United States  United States Microsoft [3]
&0000000000000002.0000002 Buffett, WarrenWarren Buffett $37.0 billion  78  United States  United States Berkshire Hathaway [3]
&0000000000000003.0000003 Helú, Carlos SlimCarlos Slim Helú $35.0 billion  69  Mexico  Mexico Telmex, América Móvil [3]
&0000000000000004.0000004 Ellison, LawrenceLawrence Ellison $22.5 billion  64  United States  United States Oracle Corporation [3]
&0000000000000005.0000005 Kamprad, IngvarIngvar Kamprad and family $22.0 billion  83  Sweden Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland IKEA [4]
&0000000000000006.0000006 Albrecht, KarlKarl Albrecht $21.5 billion  89  Germany  Germany Aldi Süd [4]
&0000000000000007.0000007 Ambani, MukeshMukesh Ambani $19.5 billion  51  India  India Reliance Industries [4]
&0000000000000008.0000008 Mittal, LakshmiLakshmi Mittal $19.3 billion  58  India  United Kingdom Arcelor Mittal [4]
&0000000000000009.0000009 Albrecht, TheoTheo Albrecht $18.8 billion  87  Germany  Germany Aldi Nord, Trader Joe’s [5]
&0000000000000010.00000010 Ortega, AmancioAmancio Ortega $18.3 billion  73  Spain  Spain Inditex Group [6]
&0000000000000011.00000011 Walton, JimJim Walton $17.8 billion  61  United States  United States Wal-Mart [7]
&0000000000000012.00000012 Walton, AliceAlice Walton $17.6 billion  59  United States  United States Wal-Mart [7]
&0000000000000012.00000012 Walton, ChristyChristy Walton $17.6 billion  54  United States  United States Wal-Mart [7]
&0000000000000012.00000012 Walton, S. RobsonS. Robson Walton $17.6 billion  65  United States  United States Wal-Mart [7]
&0000000000000015.00000015 Arnault, BernardBernard Arnault $16.5 billion  60  France  France LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton [8]
&0000000000000016.00000016 Ka-shing, LiLi Ka-shing $16.2 billion  80  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Cheung Kong Holdings, Hutchison Whampoa [9]
&0000000000000017.00000017 Bloomberg, MichaelMichael Bloomberg $16.0 billion  67  United States  United States Bloomberg L.P. [6]
&0000000000000018.00000018 Persson, StefanStefan Persson $14.5 billion  61  Sweden  Sweden Hennes & Mauritz  
&0000000000000019.00000019 Koch, CharlesCharles Koch $14.0 billion  73  United States  United States Koch Industries [10]
&0000000000000019.00000019 Koch, David H.David H. Koch $14.0 billion  68  United States  United States Koch Industries [10]
&0000000000000021.00000021 Bettencourt, LilianeLiliane Bettencourt $13.4 billion  86  France  France L’Oréal [3]
&0000000000000022.00000022 Alsaud, Prince Alwaleed Bin TalalPrince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud $13.3 billion  54  Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia Kingdom Holding Company, Citigroup [11]
&0000000000000023.00000023 Otto, MichaelMichael Otto and family $13.2 billion  65  Germany  Germany Otto GmbH  
&0000000000000024.00000024 Thomson, DavidDavid Thomson and family $13.0 billion  51  Canada  Canada The Thomson Corporation [12]
&0000000000000025.00000025 Dell, MichaelMichael Dell $12.3 billion  44  United States  United States Dell  
&0000000000000026.00000026 Bren, DonaldDonald Bren $12.0 billion  76  United States  United States Irvine Company  
&0000000000000026.00000026 Brin, SergeySergey Brin $12.0 billion  35  United States  United States Google [3]
&0000000000000026.00000026 Page, LarryLarry Page $12.0 billion  36  United States  United States Google [3]
&0000000000000029.00000029 Ballmer, StevenSteven Ballmer $11.0 billion  53  United States  United States Microsoft [13]
&0000000000000029.00000029 Westminster, The Duke ofThe Duke of Westminster and family $11.0 billion  57  United Kingdom  United Kingdom Grosvenor Group [14]
&0000000000000029.00000029 Soros, GeorgeGeorge Soros $11.0 billion  78  United States  United States Soros Fund Management  
&0000000000000032.00000032 Allen, PaulPaul Allen $10.5 billion  56  United States  United States Microsoft [11]
&0000000000000032.00000032 Kwok, RaymondRaymond Kwok, Thomas Kwok, and Walter Kwok $10.5 billion  57, 58, and 59  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Sun Hung Kai  
&0000000000000034.00000034 Ambani, AnilAnil Ambani $10.1 billion  49  India  India Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group [4]
&0000000000000035.00000035 Johnson, AbigailAbigail Johnson $10.0 billion  47  United States  United States Fidelity Investments  
&0000000000000035.00000035 Klatten, SusanneSusanne Klatten $10.0 billion  46  Germany  Germany BMW  
&0000000000000035.00000035 Perelman, RonaldRonald Perelman $10.0 billion  66  United States  United States Revlon  
&0000000000000035.00000035 Rausing, HansHans Rausing $10.0 billion  83  Sweden  United Kingdom Tetra Laval [14]
&0000000000000039.00000039 Rausing, BirgitBirgit Rausing and family $9.9 billion  85  Sweden Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Tetra Laval  
&0000000000000040.00000040 Ferrero, MicheleMichele Ferrero and family $9.5 billion  82  Italy  Monaco Ferrero  
&0000000000000040.00000040 Prokhorov, MikhailMikhail Prokhorov $9.5 billion  43  Russia  Russia Interros [15]
&0000000000000040.00000040 Taylor, Jack C.Jack C. Taylor and family $9.5 billion  86  United States  United States Enterprise Rent-A-Car  
&0000000000000043.00000043 Al Amoudi, MohammedMohammed Al Amoudi $9.0 billion  63  Ethiopia/ Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia/ Ethiopia Corral Petroleum Holdings  
&0000000000000043.00000043 Chambers, Anne CoxAnne Cox Chambers $9.0 billion  89  United States  United States Cox Enterprises  
&0000000000000043.00000043 Icahn, CarlCarl Icahn $9.0 billion  73  United States  United States American Car and Foundry Company [16]
&0000000000000043.00000043 Kaiser, GeorgeGeorge Kaiser $9.0 billion  66  United States  United States BOK Financial Corporation  
&0000000000000043.00000043 Kee, Lee ShauLee Shau Kee $9.0 billion  81  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Henderson Land Development  
&0000000000000043.00000043 Mars, Jr., Forrest EdwardForrest Edward Mars, Jr. $9.0 billion  77  United States  United States Mars, Incorporated [16]
&0000000000000043.00000043 Mars, JacquelineJacqueline Mars $9.0 billion  69  United States  United States Mars, Incorporated [16]
&0000000000000043.00000043 Mars, JohnJohn Mars $9.0 billion  72  United States  United States Mars, Incorporated [16]
&0000000000000051.00000051 Abramovich, RomanRoman Abramovich $8.5 billion  42  Russia  Russia Millhouse Capital [17]
&0000000000000052.00000052 Bertarelli, ErnestoErnesto Bertarelli $8.2 billion  43 Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Serono  
&0000000000000052.00000052 Knight, PhilipPhilip Knight $8.2 billion  71  United States  United States Nike  
&0000000000000054.00000054 Al-Kharafi, NasserNasser Al-Kharafi and family $8.1 billion  65  Kuwait  Kuwait M. A. Kharafi & Sons  
&0000000000000055.00000055 Simons, JamesJames Simons $8.0 billion  70  United States  United States Renaissance Technologies  
&0000000000000055.00000055 Wertheimer, AlainAlain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer $8.0 billion  60 and 59  France  United States
Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland
&0000000000000057.00000057 Al Ghurair, Abdul AzizAbdul Aziz Al Ghurair & family $7.8 billion  55  United Arab Emirates  United Arab Emirates Mashreq Bank  
&0000000000000057.00000057 Alakbarov, VahidVahid Alakbarov $7.8 billion  58  Russia  Russia LUKoil  
&0000000000000059.00000059 Mittal, SunilSunil Mittal and family $7.7 billion  51  India  India Bharti Airtel  
&0000000000000060.00000060 Pinault, FrançoisFrançois Pinault and family $7.6 billion  72  France  France PPR  
&0000000000000061.00000061 Batista, EikeEike Batista $7.5 billion  51  Brazil  Brazil EBX Group  
&0000000000000062.00000062 Al Jaber, Mohamed Bin IssaMohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber $7.0 billion  50  Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia    
&0000000000000062.00000062 Al-Sanea, MaanMaan Al-Sanea $7.0 billion  54  Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia Saad Group  
&0000000000000062.00000062 Johnson, III, EdwardEdward Johnson, III $7.0 billion  78  United States  United States Fidelity Investments  
&0000000000000062.00000062 Krishnan, AnandaAnanda Krishnan $7.0 billion  70  Malaysia  Malaysia Maxis, Astro  
&0000000000000062.00000062 Kuok, RobertRobert Kuok $7.0 billion  85  Malaysia  Hong Kong Perlis Plantations Bhd  
&0000000000000062.00000062 Safra, JosephJoseph Safra $7.0 billion  70  Brazil  Brazil Safra Group  
&0000000000000068.00000068 Bezos, JeffreyJeffrey Bezos $6.8 billion  45  United States  United States Amazon.com  
&0000000000000069.00000069 von Finck, Jr., AugustAugust von Finck, Jr. $6.7 billion  79  Germany Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Allianz  
&0000000000000070.00000070 Berlusconi, SilvioSilvio Berlusconi and family $6.5 billion  72  Italy  Italy Fininvest  
&0000000000000071.00000071 Del Vecchio, LeonardoLeonardo Del Vecchio $6.3 billion  73  Italy  Italy Luxottica  
&0000000000000071.00000071 Engelhorn, CurtCurt Engelhorn $6.3 billion  82  Germany Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Roche  
&0000000000000071.00000071 Fridman, MikhailMikhail Fridman $6.3 billion  44  Russia  Russia Alfa Group  
&0000000000000074.00000074 Al Rajhi, SulaimanSulaiman Al Rajhi $6.2 billion  89  Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia Al-Rajhi Bank  
&0000000000000075.00000075 Goodnight, JamesJames Goodnight $6.1 billion  66  United States  United States SAS Institute  
&0000000000000076.00000076 Fontbona, IrisIris Fontbona (widow of Andronico Luksic) and family $6.0 billion     Chile  Chile Antofagasta PLC, Quiñenco  
&0000000000000076.00000076 Kellner, PetrPetr Kellner $6.0 billion  44  Czech Republic  Czech Republic PPF Group  
&0000000000000076.00000076 Kluge, JohnJohn Kluge $6.0 billion  94  United States  United States Metromedia [6]
&0000000000000076.00000076 Paulson, JohnJohn Paulson $6.0 billion  53  United States  United States    
&0000000000000076.00000076 Yanai, TadashiTadashi Yanai & family $6.0 billion  60  Japan  Japan Fast Retailing  
&0000000000000081.00000081 Duncan, DanDan Duncan $5.9 billion  76  United States  United States Enterprise Products  
&0000000000000081.00000081 Matte, EliodoroEliodoro Matte & family $5.9 billion  63  Chile  Chile Compañía Manufacturera de Papeles y Cartones  
&0000000000000083.00000083 Bailleres, AlbertoAlberto Bailleres & family $5.7 billion  76  Mexico  Mexico Grupo Bal  
&0000000000000083.00000083 Premji, AzimAzim Premji $5.7 billion  63  India  India Wipro Technologies  
&0000000000000083.00000083 Wyss, HansjorgHansjorg Wyss $5.7 billion  74 Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland  United States Synthes  
&0000000000000086.00000086 Ruia, ShashiShashi Ruia and Ravi Ruia $5.6 billion  65  India  India Essar  
&0000000000000087.00000087 Cohen, Steven A.Steven A. Cohen $5.5 billion  53  United States  United States SAC Capital Partners  
&0000000000000087.00000087 Ng Teng Fong, Ng Teng Fong $5.5 billion  80  Singapore  Singapore Sino Group  
&0000000000000087.00000087 Soon-Shiong, PatrickPatrick Soon-Shiong $5.5 billion  57  United States  United States American Pharmaceutical Partners  
&0000000000000090.00000090 Dassault, SergeSerge Dassault and family $5.4 billion  83  France  France Dassault Group  
&0000000000000090.00000090 Haub, ErivanErivan Haub & family $5.4 billion  76  Germany  Germany Tengelmann Group  
&0000000000000092.00000092 Lemann, Jorge PauloJorge Paulo Lemann $5.3 billion  69  Brazil  Brazil Investment Bank & Anheuser-Busch InBev  
&0000000000000093.00000093 Broad, EliEli Broad $5.2 billion  75  United States  United States KB Home  
&0000000000000093.00000093 Busujima, KunioKunio Busujima & family $5.2 billion  83  Japan  Japan Sankyo  
&0000000000000093.00000093 Kipp, Karl-HeinzKarl-Heinz Kipp $5.2 billion  85  Germany Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Massa  
&0000000000000093.00000093 Lisin, VladimirVladimir Lisin $5.2 billion  52  Russia  Russia Novolipetsk Steel [15]
&0000000000000093.00000093 Wurth, ReinholdReinhold Wurth $5.2 billion  73  Germany  Germany Wurth Group  
&0000000000000098.00000098 Anschutz, PhilipPhilip Anschutz $5.0 billion  69  United States  United States The Anschutz Corporation  
&0000000000000098.00000098 Kerkorian, KirkKirk Kerkorian $5.0 billion  91  United States  United States Tracinda Corporation [16]
&0000000000000098.00000098 Oppenheimer, NickyNicky Oppenheimer & family $5.0 billion  63  South Africa  South Africa De Beers & Anglo American  
&0000000000000098.00000098 Reuben, David and SimonDavid and Simon Reuben $5.0 billion  NA  United Kingdom  United Kingdom real estate  
&0000000000000098.00000098 Singh, Kushal PalKushal Pal Singh $5.0 billion  77  India  India DLF Group [4]
&0000000000000098.00000098 Weston, GalenGalen Weston & family $5.0 billion  68  Canada  Canada George Weston Limited, Associated British Foods  
&0000000000000104.000000104 Mansha, Mian MohammadMian Mohammad Mansha $4.4 billion  NA  Pakistan  Pakistan Nishat Group, Muslim Commercial Bank [18][19]
&0000000000000106.000000106 Jobs, SteveSteve Jobs $3.4 billion  54  United States  United States Apple Inc. [20]

Yadu Singh/Sydney/10-10-09