All nett proceeds from INDAUS Fair on Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013 going to Uttarakhand Flood Victims!


Uttarakhand State in India has had catastrophic and massive floods on 14-17th June, 2013, leading to huge loss of lives, property and infrastructure. Many roads, bridges, villages and towns have been washed away. Rescue efforts were heroically performed by Indian Army, Indian Air Force, ITBF [Indo-Tibetan Border Force] along with civic authorities.

Death toll stands at 5700. The devastation in the region is going to have a lingering and cascading effect on people for long time.

This is all very sad, shocking and upsetting. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

Indians, wherever they live, are doing what they can do to assist victims. Reconstruction in Uttarakhand needs as much help as possible. State Govt has requested Central Govt to provide a 13000 Crores reconstruction package to the devastated state.

Indians all over the world, and in India, are doing their bits to help the state and affected people. Indians in Sydney are doing their bits too. I am sure we all will contribute in some way to the assistance work.

INDAUS Inc team have resolved to contribute to this assistance by donating all net proceeds from their flagship event “INDAUS Fair” at Rosehill Race Course, Rosehill, NSW 2142, on Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013 to Uttarakhand flood victims.

INDAUS Inc had originally planned to send the net proceeds from INDAUS Fair to INDIA HOUSE project, but the tragedy in Uttarakhand is more pressing and is a more deserving cause. That is why we have decided to send net proceeds to Uttarakhand flood victims.

We, in INDAUS Inc, urge you to join us for this event on Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013. The ticket price of $7/per person is next to nothing, and is easily affordable. We seek your help re getting as many stalls & souvenir Ads as possible!

Let us spread the message in our networks and get there in big numbers!

Victims need your help and generosity! Please show our generosity for Uttarakhand Food victims by joining, attending & supporting INDAUS Fair on Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013!
Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/20th July, 2013

INDAUS Fair in Sydney: Sunday, 11th August, 2013.


INDAUS Fair in Sydney: Sunday, 11th Aug, 2013.

Venue info and other details coming up!

Stay tuned!!

Dr Yadu Singh