MasterChef Australia should not display India’s national Flag disrespectfully!

Indian FlagMasterChef Indian Flag

(Correct display)                                                     (Incorrect Display)

I was called by Ms Sandhya Reddy (INDAUS committee member) who was quite concerned about the upside down display of Indian Flag during broadcast of MasterChef show. Mr Shravan Reddy too sent me a Tweet with the screen shot of the offending display yesterday.

We know that the upside down display of Indian Flag or national Flag of any country is a disrespectful act.

I called Channel 10 yesterday itself and then sent an email to them as well as MasterChef Australia, asking them to remove the disrespectful display of India’s national Flag.

I also sent tweets to Channel Ten and MasterChef Australia. MasterChef Australia is a Logie-award winning popular cooking Game Show, based on original British MasterChef show.



“Yadu Singh@dryadusingh 22h

Guys, U are using Indian Flag upside down, which is disrespectful. Pl correct it ASAP. Right pic here.”

“Yadu Singh@dryadusingh 23h

is using Indian Flag upside down. Please correct this disrespectful display ASAP.”


I followed this by calling Channel Ten, MasterChef Australia and Shine Australia (producer of MasterChef Australia) today.

I have asked them all to rectify the mistake and apologise for it during the programme broadcast.

Improper and incorrect display including upside down display of Indian Flag is not permitted by law. Display and use of Indian Flag is governed by Flag Code of India 2002. Improper (intentional) misuse and display are punishable by Law at least in India.

We ask MasterChef Australia, Shine Australia and Channel 10 to stop improper display of India’s national Flag immediately.

May I ask Indian High Commission, Canberra and various Indian Consulates in Australia to do their bits to get it rectified urgently.


PS: Within few minutes from my Blog going public, I have received two Tweets from MasterChef Australia. Here they are being reproduced.

“MasterChef Australia @masterchefau 7m

…We unreservedly apologise for any offence caused.”

“MasterChef Australia @masterchefau 9m

The flag being positioned upside down was an unintentional oversight during production…”


Later on, Channel Ten too has sent an email.

Rebecca Nittolo

24 Jul (1 day ago)
to me

Dear Dr Singh

Thank you very much for your email below. I got in touch with the production company that makes the show and they confirmed that the flag being positioned upside down was an unintentional oversight during production. They unreservedly apologise for any offence caused.

Please let us assure you that the episode featuring the flag is being re-edited and will soon be updated on our website and also for the international version when it is eventually televised in India.

Please accept our sincere apologies again.

Kind regards


Rebecca Nittolo
Digital Producer
Lifestyle, Reality & Factual


Dr Yadu Singh


37 thoughts on “MasterChef Australia should not display India’s national Flag disrespectfully!

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  3. With my limited Hindi knowledge, I searched for translation of the lyrics and I suppose it is all good! And I like Yadu Singh’s last comment. That is the spirit! This topic is no veering tangentially, but let me conclude by saying that there is no black and white rule that all is good with any single country. Same with any topic, you should not judge by comments on one instance. A typical example is Indian Mathematics. One the one hand there is “Vedic Mathematics” which has not much to do with Mathematics. On a charitable note it is just a bag of tricks and on a frank note the continued exposition of it as something great is a fraud (see On the other hand there is this wonderful Kerala school of Mathematics which had invented many things in Calculus on par with Newton and Leibnietz. This is mind-boggling stuff and not many Indians are aware of this. See It actually took strenuous effort by Dr Geevarghese, the author of ‘Crest of Peacock – The Non-European Roots of Mathematics’, to get this recognised. There is another side to this story. Most of Madhava’s work is now lost and certain aspects of Indian Gurukula system whereby information is not readily made universally available. See the official site of the book at Princeton University Cheers.


  4. Again Indian Flag in news for similar reason (Indian flag shown upside down in Commonwealth Games). Again some people will say what the fuss!! Don’t understand why these people react to such news at all when they don’t consider themselves an Indian. They should not waste their precious Australian time with/for Indian community,blogs,social group, etc. Rather they should have Non-Indian friends, shall eat non-Indian food, shall talk in Non-Indian languages, shall read Non-Indian news/literature, etc. which I bet they can’t do coz Indians can’t live without Indian things around them. When Indians LOVE Indianism so much then why not would they love TIRANGA as well. We call our country ‘Bharat Mata’ so there is no question of comparing with other nationals who have undies/chappals with their national flag. An Indian can be taken to any country but India can’t be taken out of him. You are reacting coz you are an Indian by heart otherwise you would have ignored it.


    • To clarify, I have migrated from India to Australia and calls myself an Australian of Indian heritage. That is what is citizenship is all about, otherwise the government should seriously re-consider the whole process. Others can have work permits. Now all suggestions welcome but what I like or dislike is ultimately my choice. For info I love Indian food, has never followed cricket, love rugby league, no liking at all for beaches or horseraces, am a Republican and not a Monarchist, born catholic don’t really follow that religion now, love leaders like Sri Ramkrishna or Vivekanada and eastern spirituality, hate hierarchical aspects of the Indian or British cultures. I have struggled a lot when I came here and in turn have helped migrants, many of them happened to be from the sub-continent. I stress that I helped them because they are struggling migrants and not really because they are from the sub-continent. It is just that naturally the struggling migrants you may come across are Indians because of my social connections. This is Australia and I have close friends from many cultures – Indians, Srilankan Tamils, Sinhalese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Anglo Australians, Africans. They are all equally my brothers and sisters. No special affection based on nationality. And if anyone speaks untruth about India I am very blunt in my reaction, people in workplace can attest to that. As for why I cam to this site, I got a link from somewhere, not that I deliberately searched for that. Secondly, Once I am in this site, I realised that whether or not this type of sensitivity should exist is a general Australian issue and hence I have every right to commend on this. Multiculturalism is one thing but sub-nationalism is divisive and I am weary of it. Politicians have started using it as vote bank and it is not good at all.


      • Hey, you know there is a song in a Hindi movie ‘Bazigar’ sung by ‘Vinod Rathore’ as ‘Chhupana bhi nahi aata, batana bhi nahi aata. Hamen* tumse** mohabbat hai, jatana bhi nahi aata’.


      • No, no, we love India because that is our heritage and Matra Bhumi. We love Australia because that is where we live. It is our Karm Bhumi. Thank God, there is no rule which says we can’t love two nations! 🙂


  5. Some people wear undies designed in national flag patterns of certain countries! That does not detract from the fact that a flag symbolizes a nation; certainly an Australian living say in India, would, I am certain respond in like manner if our Australian flag was displayed ülta”? Yadu you do have a valid issue here I contend.


  6. Don’t understand what the fuss is about. Really, do you think it is insulting India? Australians (including Indian Australians) should not placate these. Thanks God I have the Australian flag designed chappals and no one cares.


    • Yeah Masterchef Austraila was right in showing the flag “Ulta” as the flag was representing people like you who are “Ulta”. No Fuss buddy, when someone says your name Ulta and Pulta.


      • No worries buddy. You can say this it doesn’t worry me at all. It is in fact a good dose of Australian ‘irreveverence’. I can take it on my chin. Good on you!


  7. Mr.J Singh and Sik Hia, i think you guys are totally misinterpreting the situation. the Indian National flag was upside down which is a mistake not done deliberately. no one here having a war. a request was placed that it hurts others feelings. any Nation is much bigger then Religion, and we come from a secular country where people are important then religion. we would stand up for Australian flag too if needed. You guys are thinking little flag or piece of cloth, well done it shows your ignorance towards a national flag. if you can say anything sensible then please don’t make fool of yourself.


  8. It doesn’t matter which country we live in. .we shd have mutual respect for both the countries. And its not a small flag on the plate, it represents a great nation with a great culture. YADHU JI! Well done! Thanks for standing up for Mother Country.


  9. As common sense would show that Masterchef did not do this deliberately as they have no ill feelings towards India. You people need to lighten up. The time you have spent on this Mr. Yadu could have been better spent on doing something productive for people. There is more to life than a little flag on a plate within a food show.
    We should be proud we are being represented in the first place.
    Indians are being seen as whiners more and more these days.
    You must have slept well Mr. Yadu with the change you have made in the world with a personal aplogy from Masterchef!


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  11. Why such a fuss, half the time demonstrators burn flags of various countries and India is one of them and nothing happens and nobody dare complain, so what is in a man made flag, it is not a religious symbol , grow up guys, you live in Australia but yet you cry for India, if that is the case, go back and live in India, you cannot have best of both worlds , either you are 100% Australian or you are Indian, so where do you stand .


      • I strongly object to Sik Hia. No Indian can accept any insult to Indian flag. Rather nobody would like see insult to his motherland’s flag. Moreover most of the Indians in Australia are Indian citizen. Many choose to have just residency of Australia. Whatever nationality a person accepts, he can not change his origin and motherland…


      • I disagree with you too, you eat, drink, breathe & live Australian but yet you Cry for India.. double standards Yadu


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