Shiamak Sydney’s Summer Funk was a roaring success!

Shiamak-Summer-Funk-10Shiamak-Summer-Funk-8Shiamak-Summer-Funk-7Shiamak-Summer-Funk-5Shiamak-Summer-Funk-3Shiamak-Summer-Funk-2Shiamak-Summer-Funk-1Shiamak-Summer-Funk-4Sydney, NSW

30th Nov, 2012

I was supposed to see Skyfall, the latest Bond movie, in Parramatta on Friday, 30th Nov, 2012. We had 2 complimentary tickets. At the same time, we had the invitation to attend Shiamak Sydney’s Summer Funk at C3 conference Centre, Silverwater.

Knowing the reputation of Shiamak Australia Group, we chose the latter. Having witnessed and enjoyed the high level of performances, we are glad we decided what we decided. We can see Skyfall any other day.

The performances were thrilling.  While instructors were expected to perform marvellously, which they did, I was specially amazed however that their students performed so spectacularly, only after a 4 weeks training.

Vihang Nikalje, Darshan Pawar, Kush Gupta, Radhika Singh, Karishma Singh, Mystie and others were simply wonderful.

Bollywood dances were performed with finesse, class and grace.

It is no surprise that they did so because some of them have actually performed in Bollywood movies like “Bunty and Bubbly” and “Taare Zamin Par” after having trained by the legendary choreographer, Shiamak Davar himself.

You might also know that Karishma and Kush were in SBS Bollywood Star series.

This was their third performance in Sydney. The First was in Indian Independence Day celebration by Indian Australian Association of NSW [INDAUS Inc] at Parravilla, Parramatta, on 15th Aug, 2012. People were thrilled and mesmerised with what they saw. They still talk about it with nostalgia.

The second was on 28th Nov, 2012 when they rocked the Westin Hotel’s ball room which was full of 500+ Govt officials, Diplomats, business leaders and community leaders during Community Relations Commission’s [CRC] National Multicultural Marketing Award night. CRC Chair, The Hon, Stepan Kerkyasharian had seen their performances on 15th Aug, 2012 and was so impressed with it that he requested us to get Shiamak group for his function.

Summer Funk was their third, after training Sydneysiders over 4-5 weeks.

Shiamak Sydney honoured me and thanked our group for the support we have provided. I was given the honour to give away the certificates to the students/performers.

Shiamak Sydney has truly arrived in Sydney and has managed to rock Sydneysiders with their class and performances.

We look forward to their future activities right here in Sydney, the best city in Australia.

Thank you Shiamak Sydney for the honour given to us and more importantly, for entertaining Sydneysiders!

Dr Yadu Singh/3rd Dec, 2012

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