The best place to be born in is Switzerland. Australia is the next best!

The Economist Intelligence Unit [a sister concern of the The Economist] has published its research, outlining the relative positions of various countries in regards to the best place to be born in.

They used 11 criteria, some of which were subjective but many were objective.

Switzerland is the best place to be born in. Australia is the next best place with only 0.1 point behind Switzerland. Scandinavian counties follow Australia in the list.

India is 66th but Sri Lanka is ahead of India. Pakistan and Bangladesh are further down in the list.

Here is the list in 2012.


More details are here:

Australia is a great country with relatively less crime and higher quality of life. Medicare system, guaranteeing good medical treatment for all Australians, rule of law and relatively clean governance all contribute to this country being a great place to live, work and bring the family up.

It is the responsibility of all Australians to do everything to keep Australia stay as a great place!

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/29th Nov, 2012

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