John Howard should be renominated for ICC vice president from Oceania.

I am outraged with the stupid comments in a section of Indian media in regards to Mr John Howard’s nomination as the Vice President from Oceania.

TimesNow’s Arnab Goswami and this pompous character named Suhel Seth are on it again. They just love doing “Australia-bashing”. “Australia is a racist society” is their Mantra. Their coverage on students’ issue was pathetic, imbalanced and hysterical. I believe quite strongly that they are themselves racist against Australia.

Why are they not using their brain, if they have it, to analyse an issue objectively. Australia is not a racist nation and its laws do not discriminate people based on race, gender or religion. I agree with Bishan Singh Bedi who disagreed with these two jokers and asked people to see things in a proper perspective and with objectivity.

Here is a link of one of the reporting on this matter.

Racism is everywhere. India is no exception. Australia is no exception either. Australia is indeed a successful multi-cultural country.

Guys, racism is bad and abominable but reverse racism is no better. I hope people can understand this fact.

People, please see this ICC and John Howard issue with a proper perspective. ICC position of VP is given by rotation. No election takes place for this position. VP becomes the President in 2 years. This year, it was the turn of Oceania to nominate its candidate. Oceania [Australia and NZ] nominated Mr Howard as its candidate. Cricket Australia and NZ Cricket had a vigorous selection process and the outcome was Mr Howard as their joint candidate.

ICC board really has no option but to accept a candidate who was recommended by the region whose turn it was to do so.

There is no doubt that it is India which is playing games on this matter. Sharad Pawar, the current president does not want a strong personality as the VP. That is the bottom line here. This is the reason why they have rejected Mr Howard’s nomination as the VP and asked Oceania to renominate a candidate by 31st Aug.

Yes, India generates 70% of the money for ICC but it is not proper for any one to shred any organisation into pieces just because some one can do it. ICC must stop bringing more disgrace and shame to itself.

It is entirely appropriate for Australian PM, Julia Gillard and NZ PM, John Key, to come out openly in support of their common candidate, Mr Howard for ICC VP position.

John Howard is Oceania’s candidate. He is my candidate. He should be our candidate.

It’s about time that ICC bullies are confronted assertively. Australia and NZ will do so by renominating him.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/6th July, 2010

3 thoughts on “John Howard should be renominated for ICC vice president from Oceania.

  1. Sir,
    If Australia was a dominant money-spinner for the ICC, then John Howard would have been the VP. However, that is not the case.
    India does not need to bully the ICC into such trivial matters; it is the ICC itself which is fearful of BCCI’s power and avoids committing to issues that may by against BCCI agendas.
    If ICC has put in place rotation rules then it has responsibility to abide by them!


  2. Who cares whether he should be renominated or not…or needs our support or not.

    ICC don’t give a damn about it, Sharad Pawar don’t care and obviously John Howard don’t bother what we think or whom we support!!

    Australia is a good multicultural country. I am living here for 15 years and own a million dollar house…but still me, you are nothing in front of these ICC Presidents or VPs, and certainly they don’t give a damn about whom H Singh or Y Singh supports!!

    I would rather support Steve Waugh than John Howard for Australia’s nomination to ICC, because at least he knows much about cricket and has done a lot of social work for needy people worldwide.

    But, again, we are just entitled to express our opinion, but no one gives a damn, no one cares!
    We might be just wasting our time!! Nothing personal!



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