Terrorist Ajmal Kasab sentenced to death for Mumbai terrorist attacks.



Today's PicsMedia personnel greet public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam after Kasab was sentenced to death. [Photo from Indian Express]


[Photo by Indian Express]



The lone Pakistani terrorist, Ajmal Kasab, has been sentenced to death by a Mumbai court today. He was the only terrorist out of 10 who was captured alive. Terrorists caused mayhem in Mumbai on 26/11/08, killing 166 innocent people in cold blood. This terrorist attack was planned and executed by LET  operatives from Pakistan. 9 terrorists were killed by Indian security authorities. Their bodies were not accepted by Pakistan. Initially, Pakistan refused to accept Pakistani nationality of Kasab.

While Kasab awaits the execution of the death sentence, his masterminds and handlers are in Pakistan who need to be prosecuted vigorously.

Will Pakistani Gov, ISI and Pak army ensure that happening?

Hope, it dawns on them that terrorists are posing a serious threat to Pakistan too!

Yadu Singh/Sydney/6th May, 2010

2 thoughts on “Terrorist Ajmal Kasab sentenced to death for Mumbai terrorist attacks.

  1. Ajmal Amir Kasab,the only terrorist caught alive for 26/11.The court has made a clear verdict, to hang this red handed gunman.The Indian formal, Mahendra Singh Dhoni also commented to the view that this red hander has now no right to live on the motherland of india where he openly fired 166 innocents and spoiled the lives of thousands.Kasab should be given such a worst punsihment as no terrorist could have thought in thier dreams yet and in future get scares to listen the same


    • Thanks Mahendra. You are absolutely correct about this bastard. He should be done away with. I am equally, if not more, angry with his handlers from LET and other Pakistani agencies who will be training hundreds of “Kasabs” as we speak. It is about time that India and the whole world work together and force Pakistan to dismantle the terror infrastructure. Pakistan itself is under attack from terrorists. Hope, they can see it as clearly as the whole world is seeing it.


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