False allegation of racist torching in Melbourne:Jaspreet Singh pleaded guilty and got 8 months suspended jail sentence.


Jaspreet Singh who burnt his own car with the intention of making a false insurance claim has been given 8 months suspended prison term. This is the guy who claimed that some people tried to burn him in Melbourne in Jan, 2010. He himself received burn injuries to 30% of his body in the process. You might remember that Indian media reported this incident prominently, calling this a racist attack and branding Australia a racist nation.

He has now pleaded guilty in the court due to which he has received a suspended jail sentence.

Many think that he has got a reasonably lenient punishment.

What about the harm which the false allegation of a racist attack caused to the image of Australia? Who is paying for that?

With this case, it is very clear that it is a bad idea to jump to conclusions without full facts.

Question to him and to Indian media: will they apologise to Australia now for the false allegation and reports?

I believe that they should offer a public apology to Australia and Australian people which include us [Indian Australians] too.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/3rd May, 2010

4 thoughts on “False allegation of racist torching in Melbourne:Jaspreet Singh pleaded guilty and got 8 months suspended jail sentence.

  1. I am an Aussie that has hosted many international students, mostly from Japan and Korea. I am gutted that I have been accused of racism many times by Indians directly and the Indian media, including the student papers in Melbourne. This is while offering FREE English classes with cheap accommodation which no-one wanted as no-one wanted to pay over $50 a week! So.. stay in your sub standard accommodation with all young people struggling with the language, culture and legal requirements because it is so much more fun and cheap. I was also told ‘oh your house is not near any clubs’!
    I find the Japanese parents have infinitely more concern for their children and are happy to make sure they are safe in safe suburbs.
    You want too much and have bitten the hand that has tried to help you.


    • Katherine, thank you for your comments. You have brought out some very important aspects of this matter. I have no doubt that “Racism” word has been used for things where there is no racism. This is disgusting. Racism is everywhere including India but calling everything racist or branding Australia a racist nation is totally wrong. Indian media and some from among us have been irrational, hysterical and mischievous. You can see my Blog and I have made these points forcefully.
      Dr Yadu Singh


  2. u might b kidding..sorry seems to b the toughest word, u r talkin abt an apology…maybe australian govt can hire spin doctors employed by indian political parties to tame the indian media.this pack is hungry lot………..


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