Harris Park Businesses need support from the community, not politics

28 June, 2019

Harris Park is a business precinct, where quite a lot of Indian Australians own/operate businesses. It’s always helpful to work with the community, because businesses need community to come & support them. Without community’s support, businesses will not do much business.

As a matter of principle, any Harris Park group/association, if formed, should be led by Harris Park business owners. Any activity in Harris Park should be spearheaded by local businesses, not outsiders. It’s well accepted that working with the community, the whole community, not just a part of it, is always good.

Harris Park has been organizing Diwali Fair since 2017. Will the group, which organized this event thus far, do so this year too is in a bit of uncertainty. There are reasons for this uncertainty, which are explained below.

It has become known now that a group with the name of “Little India Harris Park Business Association” has been in existence since 2015, but is getting reactivated. They are having a meeting on 4th July, 2019. Nothing wrong to form or have a local association.

The chairman of the board of directors of this group is Mr Subba Rao Varigonda. As far as commonly available info is concerned, Mr Varigonda doesn’t own any business in Harris Park business precinct. There is a problem here as explained below.

The leadership of this Harris Park association should be with Harris Park businesses, not outsiders.

To add to this, this Harris Park association is in the process to join UIA. There is a concern here too.

Harris Park businesses need support and patronage from every community group, not just one group. There is no need or justification for any Harris Park association to be under, or to prefer, any community association. They should work with every community group and association. Anything else is unnecessary politics and potentially harmful for the interests of Harris Park businesses.

Harris Park should not become a battlefield or Akhara for community politics. This wouldn’t help businesses as businesses need support from the whole community, not just a part of the community, to thrive and succeed.

The group, which has been doing Diwali in Harris Park since 2017, should continue to do Diwali there, but should seek support/understanding from all businesses owners and should work with other community groups for the greater good of Harris Park businesses. Harris Park’s interests should be the only guiding principle for the community groups.

If this is not possible, then local businesses should organize Diwali event or other events under their own banner, with support from all major community groups. It’s about time to learn and accept the concept of inclusion.

It’s sad that none except one (and that was me) of the community leaders or groups was seen anywhere near the businesses, offering support & standing with them, when gun shots were fired at them a few years ago. Nothing surprises me anymore.

I hope good sense prevails and Harris Park businesses are wiser and smarter.

Business, YES, politics, NO.

Dr Yadu Singh



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