The mafia of fake Hindu leaders & fake patriots needs to be countered

Sydney, 2 September, 2018

I am concerned about the activities and conduct of fake Hindu “leaders” in Austraila, who think they have the monopoly on Hinduism and patriotism for India. They think everyone has to be subservient to them.

The facts, however, are exactly opposite to their beliefs and conduct.

I remember how these cowards were not even prepared to speak up when Sri Mandir in Auburn, NSW was attacked several years ago and how they tried to bully and stop those including me, who wanted to raise this matter in the public and media. They told me that I am not a Hindu leader and therefore shouldn’t take this matter up. I urged them repeatedly that they should take this matter or else, we, as Hindus, will raise this matter ourselves. When they were not willing to do anything, we ignored these fake Hindu leaders and raised the matter in Australian media and with Govt, and worked with local police to stop further attacks.

All these fake Hindu leaders subsequently did was to organize a meeting in the local area, where they wished to work with a rascal from another religion, with the clear purpose to undermine us. This was a stark example of their stupidity and insecurity. Interestingly and totally predictably, none of these fake Hindu leaders attended a single meeting with Auburn police over a period of 1 year, while the temple guys including the priest and I attended those meetings.

This mafia of fake Hindu leaders was not willing to do anything against one of their own, who, shamefully, attended a welcome dinner for an ex-chief of ISI a few years ago, forcing us to approach the Govt authorities in India and get that person expelled from his position. Despite that, this particular person, a fake patriot like them, is still close to these fake Hindu leaders. Shamefully, one such leader tried to argue with me to dissuade me from doing anything. This is another example of their false and fake proclamation of patriotism to India.

There are many more examples.

They want to be the sole representatives of Hindus, acting like a fascist mafia, and excluding and undermining anybody else from the Hindu community, who does anything good. When any other Hindu or any Indian does anything good, instead of welcoming that work, they feel insecure and undermine that person.

There arrogance and misbehavior have become much worse since March 2014. I do believe strongly, and am determined that a multi-pronged challenge must be mounted to counter this undesirable trend.

These fake Hindu leaders are oblivious to the essential requirements that true leadership also means transparency and accountability in regards to public money. The public is yet to know about what happens to the money they raise for/about events they organize or organized.

It’s important for Indian Australians, especially Hindu Australians, to stand up to the Mafia of fake Hindu leaders and fake patriots, which wants to promote their personal and sectarian interests, and undermine everybody else, including liberal Hindus and minorities.

Let there be no mistake in understanding that the Mafia has nothing to do with religion either. It has all to do with their personal powers and personal benefits. If it was otherwise, they would have been inclusive for, and consultative, transparent and accountable to people.

Let me outline here that we must never accept the Mafia as the sole representatives of Hindus or India. They don’t own India.

We are prouder and braver Hindus and Indians as compared to the Mafia, when an assessment of the respective credentials is objectively studied. We of course have nothing to do with the extreme right-wing Hindu fanaticism. We detest fanatics from any religion.

Our community needs welcoming and inclusive leadership, not mafia or Taliban type of leadership.

And, we will never be bullied into submission.

Dr Yadu Singh

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