Sydney’s Premiere of Viceroy’s House 

Sydney, 29 April, 2017

It was a pleasure and privilege to be at the premiere of Viceroy’s House at Event Cinemas, Castle Hill, today, 29 April, 2017. 

This is a superb movie directed by renowned director, Gurinder Chadha of Bend It Like Beckham fame.

The cast include Hugh Bonneville (Lord Mountbatten), Gillian Anderson (Lady Mountbatten), Huma Qureshi (Alia), Manish Dayal (Jeet Kumar) and Om Puri (Alia’s father), Denzil Smith (Mr M.A. Jinnah) and Tanveer Ghani (Pandit JL Nehru) among others.  

All actors, especially Hugh Bonneville, Huma Qureshi and Manish Dayal delivered splendid performances. Very impressive acting indeed. I was totallly spellbound with the pace and the plot of the movie, with intense emotion and interest. 

Director, Gurinder Chadha, is a thoroughly down-to-earth person, who interacted with people and had pictures with everyone. 

I was pleasantly surprised to know that her uncle, Balwant Singh Chadha, whom I have known for many years, lives in Sydney. He introduced me to her. 

This is an excellent movie with fantastic direction, acting and picturisation. 

It is based on tragic events surrounding partition of India. Gurinder ji and her family, like many other families, were affected by the tragedy of partition, which displaced many millions of people and killed about a million people. 

Strongly recommended.  8/10 from me. 

Coming to Cinemas in Australia from May 18. 

Dr Yadu Singh


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