SMH should not allow its platform for racially abusing Indians

Sydney, 15 March, 2017

Shyam Acharya.png

I am concerned that some people are using SMH Facebook Page to racially abuse Indians. Gross generalisations are being used. See the comments after the article in SMH Facebook page.


Some of the Comments: “Lying, deceitful, dishonest Dhotti is the real description”

“The reason I don’t go Indian doctors”

“Indian scams are known worldwide”

“If there is Indians involved it is probably a rort”


This is irrational, offensive, inappropriate and unacceptable. SMH should monitor its comments section.

Shyam Acharya represents a miniscule number of people who are into scams, frauds and bad behaviour. He can not be used as a tool to racially abuse hard working and decent members of our community, who, I believe, constitute the vast majority (99.99%) of our people.

We are angry with fraudsters just as any other Australian is. We want Australian Authorities to prosecute scammers with full force of law and punish them with stringent penalties.


Australian systems and processes must be strengthened to make them effective in stopping and detecting fraudulent activities.

Dr Yadu Singh

8 thoughts on “SMH should not allow its platform for racially abusing Indians

  1. Vasant Wagh
    I am of Indian origin living in Sydney from 1985. I am not a doctor. My identity is stolen where fraudulently obtained Indonesian Passport on my name was used as a photo ID to commit crimes using Australia Post’s services. On 14 June 2017 it will be 11 years’ of systemic corruption to cover up my identity theft. Why the Fake Vasant Wagh is not brought to justice? Why is my impostor not in the jail?

    When my name was used on Indonesian Passport that was accepted by Australia Post to provide their services I was Indian Citizen. Why the Fake Indian doctor is exposed the way it was and still is and not the Fake Vasant Wagh for the past 11 years?
    Where is the justice? Where is the democracy? Where is the honesty and integrity? Where is the Indonesian Passport on my name?
    My fight against the corruption has not stopped. What about my and my family’s Human Rights?
    Why Dr. Sarang Chitale, who is the real doctor working in the UK whose identity was stolen by Mr Shyam Acharya, is given all the help and assistance and my family is totally ignored despite being in Australia from 1985?
    Numerous journalists of SMH and other media were contacted to give me a Voice but no one responded. Why? Where is the “Independent Always” mantra of SMH gone?
    All those of Indian origin are aware that “Satyameva Jayate” and the fight for getting that Satya out will continue.
    Dr. Yadu Singh, will you please give me a VOICE? There is no shortage of documents proving systemic corruption and a massive cover up. The big names involved in covering up my identity theft truth deserve to be brought to justice just like the Fake Indian doctor is my view. They have also broken the laws and we the victims are suffering for the past 11 years.
    My name is in Sydney White pages if you want to contact me. I am the only Vasant Wagh in Australia from November 1985 without any exceptions for all these years. This national disgrace of placing my family in pain and suffering and psychological torture needs to become public as we need to make this country, which we have made our home, corruption free using peaceful methods is my view.



  3. I see a link in the same SMH article at the bottom about another fake doctor in Werribee and thats not Indian ( – so obviously this is a propaganda against an entire community every time something like this happens. I remember when the Nirbhaya rape case happened all Indians were generalised as rapists. Rapes/deceit/cheating/scams/corruption happens everywhere – no one can deny that, so why target an entire community. These are issues that happen in civilised world as well and need to be dealt with in a civilised manner. Half the people posting rubbish comments are actually exposing their low IQs and self esteems. The only way for some people to get ahead in life is to put others down.


  4. I am practising in Sydney since 2012. No one has right to Judge all people with wrong examples. No one can label all same. There is always good and bad examples everywhere and in my understanding Indians are hard worker, responsible and full of respect toward other communities so please respect.


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