Our Clean Up Australia Day activities, 5 March, 2017

Sydney, 5 March, 2017

It was great and fulfilling to participate in Clean Up Australia Day activities today.

I joined with with friends from Basava Samithi, Sydney, one of the members of the umbrella body, Federation of Indian Associations of NSW, at Angle Park, Chipping Norton, NSW. The combined activity was organized by  FIAN secretary, Satish Bhadranna.


I was particularly pleased to see participation from kids and younger members of the community, who took part in clean Up activities so enthusiastically. I was very happy to be asked to give away certificates to them.

I also went to Satyam Ghat, Haigh Park, Bridges Road, Moorebank, NSW 2170 to show my support to Sewa Australia volunteers doing Clean Up activities. It was enlightening to discuss community things with Mr Rajesh Venkataramaiah and Vijay ji there.


Dr Yadu Singh



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