Western Union Cash Payout in India for travellers to India

I received this email (below) yesterday from Western Union Australia, which might be helpful to some people who are travelling to India. Please contact Western Union for further clarifications, if necessary.


Dear Dr Yadu Singh,

It will be great if you can share this with all your followers on twitter and FB as we are trying to help our customers in best possible way during this time.

  1. We have activated a large number of agents who should be able to payout in cash to customers. In fact a lot of post offices in India are well equipped to payout cash and have no shortage of funds. The customers can always be advised to try out any of the head post offices in the city if they are unable to get cash at other locations.
  2. Customers have an option to receive the entire amount in his bank account, the agent in India can either issue an account payee cheque to the customer or transfer the funds electronically in receivers bank account. With ATM network significantly improving, customer once has the money is his bank account can withdraw it from an ATM.
  3. Effective 19th Nov, we have also introduced a part payment feature by which the customer can receive some part of the payment in cash and balance through cheque. This will ensure that customers get some cash immediately for his urgent needs and balance amount can come to his bank account.

Please note that Western Union is the only remittance company that has a tie up with India Post.

Western Union and Demonetisation.png

Sandeep Bassin   western-union-logo

Manager, Business Development

Western Union

Level 12, 1 Margaret Street

Sydney, NSW 2000

Telephone:  +61 2 9226 9145


Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/24 November, 2016



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