Tea and interaction with visiting Indian journalists in Sydney

Sydney, 17 September, 2016

Federation of Indian Associations of NSW and I hosted and conducted a “tea and interaction” between Indian Australian community and visiting Indian journalists, organized by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) at The Grand Marion, Harris Park on Sat, 17th Sept, 2016.


·Ms Devirupa Mitra (aged 38) is Deputy Editor and Diplomatic Correspondent for ‘The Wire’, an online news site for independent journalism focusing on politics, foreign policy, political economy, science and development.  Ms Mitra’s twitter handle is @devirupam.
· Ms Damini Nath (aged 25) is Principal Correspondent at ‘The Hindu’, one of India’s most respected print newspapers.  Ms Nath’s twitter handle is https://twitter.com/DaminiNath.
· Mr Anirudh Madhavan (aged 25) is Sub Editor at ‘The Week’, the largest circulated English newsmagazine in India.  Mr Madhavan mostly reports on sports, art and lifestyle.  Mr Madhavan’s twitter handle is https://twitter.com/samosashrikhand.
This visit was an opportunity to foster closer linkages of Australia with India and showcase Australia to the journalists with an authentic and positive impression of modern Australia, especially the impressions and experiences of Indian Australians.
These journalists had visited Australia as part of Confluence Festival of India in Australia.
The meeting had about 50 key and influential members of Indian Australian community including members of Indian media in Sydney. Many young people attended the meeting. Several Anglo-Indian members were there too.
It was an informal interaction, with plenty of opportunities for journalists to mingle and discuss things with the people.
There was tea/coffee and refreshments provided to those who attended.
This was followed by visits of journalists to a few businesses in Harris Park to gain insight into our community’s experiences.
Dr Yadu Singh
President, Federation of Indian Associations of NSW


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