Annual deaths of 1.46 Lac (146,000) Indians on Indian roads is avoidable

21st April, 2016

1.46 Lac (146,000) people died on Indian roads in 2015. 400 people died every day. These numbers are 5% more than a year earlier.

There were over 5 Lacs (500,000) accidents on Indian roads in 2015 compared to 4.89 Lacs (489,000) a year before.

India holds a shameful records of being number 1 on the road fatalities.

Uttar Pradesh is on the top among Indian states, followed by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

This TOI article should give you the details.

Besides deaths, there are many (I assume at least double of the fatalities)  with serious and debilitating injuries, which are not in the fatality numbers, but no less important statistics.

Something needs to be done to control this massacre on Indian roads. Indian Transport minister, Nitin Gadkari,  wants to reduce these numbers by 50% by 2020. I hope he succeeds.

We remember that a central minister died in Delhi due to a road accident in 2014.

Causes for these massive numbers are many and include;

  • poor quality roads
  • unsafe vehicles
  • rash driving
  • poor quality of drivers’ training
  • alcohol and drugs use
  • poor compliance of traffic rules
  • poor enforcement of traffic rules’ violations
  • unnecessary risk taking
  • speeding
  • low use of seat belts

Many things will need to be done. Public education on traffic rules and safe driving should be a key element of this campaign to reduce these fatalities.

Seat belts must be made compulsory for every passenger.

Traffic rules must be enforced with heavy punishment including fines and jail time for serious violators.

This is a national problem. Minister Gadkari and State transport ministers will need to work together and form a plan to deal with with this unnecessary and preventable massacre on Indian roads.

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/ Australia

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