Happy Holi, Indian festival of colours

Sydney, 22nd March, 2016

I  wish everyone a very happy Holi.

Holi is a well known Indian festival and is called the Festival of Colours.

This year, the official date of Holi is 23 March but these celebrations take place either side of the specified date.

Holi starts with Holika Dahan, which takes place on the night before Holi. People gather, sing, dance and party around the bonefire.

Rangwali Holi (festival of colour) takes place next morning. This is a free-for-all festival of colours. People play and colour each other with dry powder and coloured water. People from all segments, age and gender take part in the festivities. It is celebrated all over India and countries where Indians have migrated to.

People exchange pleasantries and good wishes, visiting homes of friends and relatives.

In Australia too, Holi festivities are organised by Indians in various cities. Only the other day, Strathfield Australians of Indian Sub-continental Heritage (SAISH) celebrated Holi in Strathfield Pak, in which I too took part.

Dr Yadu Singh




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