Australia celebrates Australia Day & India celebrates Republic Day, 26th Jan, 2016

Sydney, NSW

26th Jan, 2016

Australia celebrates its national day, Australia Day, on 26th January, 2016. It is a big day for Australians. It is celebrated all over Australia with patriotism, fun and fervour.

It commemorates the day when First Fleet landed at Port Jackson in 1788.

Indian Republic Day is celebrated all over India on 26th January. This was 67th Reublic Day. It commemorates the date on which Indian Constitution came into force in 1950, replacing Government of India Act 1935.

In Delhi, there was a splendid Parade at the Rajpath, which is in the heart of New Delhi. French President, Francois Hollande, was the Guest of Honour for the Republic Day celebration this year.

Indian Australians celebrated both the National Days by joining in the Indian Flag hoisting by Consulate General of India followed by taking part in various Australia Day celebrations all over Sydney.

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Indian Republic Day!


Dr Yadu Singh


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