This ain’t racist

Friday, 25th September, 2015

A friend of mine, Tapas Bhaumik, from Sydney sent me a Link from, which described an amusing story.

I haven’t stopped having a chuckle ever since I read this story.

In UK, Stuart Lynn, an Anglo-Saxon, ordered some curries from an Indian Restaurant. The person at the counter, who took the order, sent the order to the Chef in the kitchen, with  the word “Very mild White Ppl” to indicate that curries must be prepared very mild.

UK newspapers are reporting that the customer, Stuart Lynn, was “shocked” by seeing the receipt with the word “Very mild White Ppl”.

Ruby Kandsamy, owner of Valentine Restaurant issued an apology which says “I have investigated and can confirm it a misunderstanding. Under White ppl, we don’t mean white people, but a white sauce made from milk, single cream, coconut milk and spices we add to our dishes when a curry is requested mild. Ppl means ‘milk.”

This is even more amusing.

Of course, it is a furphy and not the correct explanation. “White ppl” means white people. There is no need to feel defensive. Nothing wrong here. It seems Ruby Kandsamy felt intimidated by the news reports, and came up with this astonishing and unlikely explanation.

Kandsamy should just laugh it off and thank media for the free publicity.

By the way, I confess that most of Anglo-Saxon people in my network indeed can’t handle hot curries and opt for mild curries. No big deal. Some like it hot, some, mild.

Guys, have a sense of humor!

It’s time to enjoy some hot curries with a few drinks at an Indian restaurant in your locality.

Go, treat yourselves!

I am off to my favourite Chakkh Le India restaurant, Harris Park, near Parramatta to do just that.

Dr Yadu Singh

2 thoughts on “This ain’t racist

  1. Thank you for the explanation! I also read the article and was searching the web to see if it was in fact an acronym for a kind of sauce or not, my search can now stop 🙂

    I agree some people are way too sensitive (and if he is a white person then isn’t that just a fact?) I’ve often been called “the whitest PNG bloke I’ve ever met” by some straight talkers and not once have I considered it racist because its true. I should mention I have never been served a delicious curry when they do it, now that would have been a bonus!

    Much better to just enjoy the curry and get on with it. Who has time to read the receipt after a nice dinner anyway?

    Tweet @aukiman


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