Investment in Sydney Stadiums is a good news, but don’t forget schools & hospitals

Sydney, 4th September, 2015

Just heard NSW Premier, Mike Baird’s announcement of approx $1.6 billion for development of stadiums in Sydney.

This is the first big announcement about such investment after Sydney Olympics in 2000.

It was long overdue. It has apparently become possible due to “Poles and wires” privatisation, which received a tick by the people in March election.

Parramatta Stadium is the first one to get the funding. With $300 million investment, it will have 30,000 seats which is a good boost from current 21,487 seats. Current one will be demolished and a brand new Stadium will be developed. This is a great news for Parramatta. Parramatta Stadium is the home Stadium for Parramatta eels and Western Sydney Wanderers.

ANZ Stadium in Olympic Park is the next venue, which will be developed with fully retractable roof. There is some serious talk going on about the need of a rectangular format in this stadium, which apparently will provide much better viewing experience. This 83,500 seated Stadium is the biggest in NSW.

Allianz Stadium in Moore Park will also be redeveloped with 50,000 to 55,000 seats, which is a significant increase from current 45,500 seats.

There will be one Indoor sporting venue of 12000 seats in Sydney CBD.

Outer Western Sydney is likely to have a stadium either in Liverpool or Penrith. Liverpool, being the HQ of the vast South West deserves to be a favourite.

There will be a single Board managing all of these venues, which will be more efficient, compared to separate managing boards for each venue.

Investment of this magnitude and nature is going to market NSW for big sporting and entertainment events. These facilities will be world class and will be better than other states.

It will give boost to hotels, clubs and restaurants, and will be beneficial to NSW economy as a whole.

I am particularly happy with the announcement about Parramatta Stadium, where work will start soon and will be finished by 2019.

I recognize that there are competing claimants for expenditures, which means that a proper costs, benefits and relative merits must be made mandatory, before making a decision.

It must be reiterated that equally, if not more, important claimants (schools and hospitals) must not be forgotten or ignored when deciding big expenditures in NSW.

Dr Yadu Singh

2 thoughts on “Investment in Sydney Stadiums is a good news, but don’t forget schools & hospitals

  1. I am delighted knowing about you. My Best wishes for you on the occasion of “Navaratri” Ustav. May Goddess Durga bless us all, to bring happiness, prosperity & peace.
    Prasad Kotekar.


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