Badgerys Creek airport should have a bipartisan announcement!

aeroplane taking off

Sydney’s second airport has been a victim of politics for decades. Political parties and politicians have been worried of political backlash. Local politicians, MPs and Councils have been scared of losing votes. Many seats in Western Sydney are pretty marginal.

This seems to be changing with support for Badgerys Creek airport from both major political parties.

From what is known, following are in support.

1. PM, Tony Abbott

2. Deputy PM, Warren Truss

3. Treasurer, Joe Hockey

4. Alex Hawke MP for Mitchell

5. Craig Lundy, MP for Reid

6. Tanya Davies, MP for Mulgoa

7. Bill Shorten, Federal Leader of Opposition

8. Anthony Albanese, Federal Shadow minister

9. John Robertson, NSW Leader of Opposition

10. Unions NSW

11. NSW Premier (Latest report in Daily Telegraph suggests that he is now supporting this project)

Additionally, many regional Councils are in support too. Liverpool Council and its Mayor are vocal supporters of this project. Some Councils are still opposing. Blacktown Council is a classical example. Many are moving towards supporting an airport at this Govt-owned 1700 ha site in Badgerys Creek.

Chiefly MP, Ed Husic is opposing. Many other Federal MPs from Western Sydney are sitting on the fence, worried about voters’ backlash.

Majority of Voters themselves are supporting the airport at Badgerys Creek, knowing that a major infrastructural project will bring substantial benefit to the region. The economy will get a boost and it will create 28000 jobs. Rail and Road network will get an upgrade. Property values will go up too.

To avoid any political difficulty for anyone, and to stop the political games by any major party or their MPs, it might be a good idea to make a bipartisan announcement of this project.

Let the announcement of this major project be made by PM, Tony Abbott, in presence of Bill Shorten, NSW Premier and John Robertson.

Western Sydney needs this major project, and it does not need any unnecessary politics!

Let politics be taken out from infrastructure investment!

Dr Yadu Singh/7th March, 2014

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