Hindu deities on the Beer bottle is offensive and hurtful!

hindu goddess on beer bottle

I have become aware about the picture of Hindu deities on the bottle of Beer in NSW.  The juxtaposed picture has Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha with the head of a Cow in one hand and fire coming out of the Lord Ganesha’s head.

When you visit their website (http://www.brookvaleunion.com.au), you will see the picture there too. The website describes their products “Brookvale Union Apple Cider (5.2% ABV) and Brookvale Union Ginger Beer (4.0% ABV)”, indicating they are Alcoholic beverages. This inappropriate picture becomes the picture of Sachin Tendulkar when you place the cursor over the pic. This is in very poor taste and obviously very cheap, besides being insensitive.

This is offensive, unacceptable and objectionable. Lord Ganesha is one of the most important deities of Hinduism and is worshipped for wisdom. Lord Ganesha  is invoked for blessings before any work. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped for the fortune and wealth.

Hinduism is the third largest religion and is a peaceful religion.

There is a trend among some to use deities of Hinduism inappropriately, which should stop.

Brookvale Union Brewery in Northern New South Wales. Australia is wrong to place deities of Hinduism in the label of its Ginger beer bottle, hurting the feelings of Hindus. Using deities and symbols of Hinduism in this grossly inappropriate and offensive manner is not a matter of joke or fun.

They have a tagline of “Quality Nonsense”, but to us, hurting religious feelings of people is nothing but “Nonsense” and there is no “quality” in it.

We condemn this behaviour.

We ask them to;

1. remove these labels,

2. stop using pictures of deities of Hinduism in their beer bottles,

3. apologise for hurting the feeling of Hinduism practitioners.


Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/10th Nov, 2013




30 thoughts on “Hindu deities on the Beer bottle is offensive and hurtful!

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  2. I leave the issue to be resolved by the Government, Media and other authorities. I fully agree Hinduism is far more richer and stronger than other religion. The issue will be resolved amicably.


  3. Your devoted antideathparty.com.au contends it should be regarded as a matter of common decency, & therefore conveniently and quickly enforceable at law, to compel respect for the Faiths, indeed as well human dignity in each & every aspect, in any contemporary publication.


  4. Retrieved from the Fair Trading Website:

    Advertising standards

    The Advertising Standards Bureau made up of the Advertising Standards Board and the Advertising Claims Board is an industry funded self-regulatory system which provides a complaint resolution service. Decisions of both boards are guided by the ‘Advertiser Code of Ethics’.

    Consumers can lodge a complaint about an advertisement by writing to the:

    Advertising Standards Bureau
    Level 2, 97 Northbourne Avenue
    Turner ACT 2612
    Telephone: (02) 6262 9822
    Fax: (02) 6262 9833
    Website: http://www.adstandards.com.au

    Consumers can lodge a complaint by using the online complaint form on the Advertising Standards Bureau web site.


  5. This kind of behaviour is typical of monotheists throughout their history. They are burning with bigotry and fundamentalism. While Christians are merely printing images of Hindu gods on shoes and toilet seats these days, Muslims used to put sacred statues from temples on the door steps of mosques and walk over them every day.


  6. Brookvale Union Brewery has employed the most dumb & illiterate ppl. They don’t seem to take cognizance of this, meaning they ignored & deliberately done this to hurt/insult one’s religious beliefs, sentiments and religion itself. This company should be severely dealt with legally and fine them heavily. Sir you have taken appropriate actions and also made us all aware of this stupidity. Thank you. Jai Hind!


  7. We should take it up very strongly with the company, State Govt and the media. The policy of non violence does not say that keep quiet. Gandhiji said that to accept injustice is cowardice.


  8. Venkatesh, what the hell are you talking about. You are one of those who just want to sit at home and do not want to be disturbed until one of your close relatives is affected. I am disgusted by your comments. And when it happens you would blame it to destiny. How much coward can you get.


    • Pradeep, I am a passionate advocate of Hinduism, not the sanitized version that is used. Only the insecure believe that our way of life is under attack. Hinduism has endured various challenges over the millenia. It is way stronger than other faiths. Neither am I cowardly nor lazy. Best wishes.


  9. We are Hindus. Our religion is rich and diverse. Drinking as such is found in many of our texts. Our way of life allows for an enlightened, progressive view on the world. Let us not demean ourselves by comparing ourselves to what Muslims or Christians would or would not do if their deities were on bottles. Our way of life is the best way of life. We should be showing the way. People who follow Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) should actually be saying, ‘Look at those Hindus, they are cool enough to allow their Gods on bottles. We should be more like that.’ So please. Stop with the outrage. It really is not a big deal, especially when we have hunger, malnutrition, disease, basic rights to give to our fellow Indians.


    • The pic on the Beer bottle Label is offensive to me and many more, hence the protest. Let us not mix hunger, malnutrition, disease and basic rights etc with the matter at hand. Entirely different issues!


    • would you still not object with the same reason if they made toilet tissues with photos on it.
      I have not seen in any text in Bhagwat Gita regards to Drinking as such is found in many of our texts.Can you please send me the page not hat will be great.


  10. Ask them to place Jesus for that matter or something to do with Islam & no doubt we will see a blast at the brewery soon. Ignorance & Prejudice prevails….




      • I fully support you, but like the Australian Aborigines, who were always non-violent and being trodden all through their exixtence, the non violent approach of Hindus has the similar result. It is not only here but even in India. It is the result of our weekness as a nation and as a government. You probably do not remeber Bob Hawk’s comments and the joke in a very bad taste, when he was the PM, and Indian government did not raise any objection. We are week, as well as irresponsible, taking refuge behind our non-violent excuse.
        I do not drink so I did not see this item. Thanks for bringing this to my notice. I will forward it to our friends.
        With best regards
        Shibu Dutta


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