Community Health Education Series: Sleep Apnoea!

INDAUS Inc [] is organising a Community Health Education Seminar on


At Ermington Community Centre, 10 River Road, Ermington, NSW

On Saturday, 24th Nov, 2012, 2-4PM

Admission is FREE.

Sleep Apnoea is an important and significant problem in the community. Some reports suggest it is more common among Indians. Its classical symptoms are snoring, day time sleepiness and lack of energy. It is implicated in traffic accidents, poor quality of life, lack of concentration and even cardio-vascular diseases. Obesity is significantly associated with Sleep Apnoea. Its diagnosis requires careful evaluation of symptoms followed by SLEEP Study. These days, Sleep study can be done at home, rather than needing to stay in the hospital for an overnight study. Its treatment requires life style changes, weight loss and C-PAP machine.

Dr David Mikhail, a Respiratory and a Sleep Medicine Specialist will present information to the community during this seminar.

I will be moderating the presentation.

There will be plenty of opportunities for Q &A.

Join us for the seminar. Please let us know by sending an email to   if you are attending.

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/8th Nov, 2012

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