What was this racist contractor smoking?


A contractor, working for Coles, had posted a job ad in Gum Tree online site for cleaners in a shopping centre in Hobart, Tasmania. In this ad, Indians and Asians were asked to not apply.

That is disgusting, racist and illegal.

Anti-discrimination laws prohibit such behaviour.

Rightly, the Anti-discrimination commissioner took a notice of it and has decided to investigate it. The ad has now been pulled out.

I believe that people who have the idea of racial supremacy or look down upon other races are idiots and sick.

It is important that this contractor and Gum Tree are punished for this illegal behaviour. Coles too must deal with this contractor sternly.

Such practices and people have no place in multicultural Australia. Australia has long moved on from the days of dreaded “White Australia Policy” but some losers are stuck to the past.

This is idiotic in a country where close to half of the population were either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas.

Thankfully, these things are uncommon but even one example is “Not on and not acceptable”!

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/28th Aug, 2012



7 thoughts on “What was this racist contractor smoking?


    I am a High School Teacher and see this type of behaviour directed towards Indian teachers quite often. They are passed up for jobs, looked down upon and not treated in the same manner as other teachers. Infact a school I taught at previously in the mount druitt sector would have issues if they received Indian prac teachers from the universities. These teachers were generally failed. The teachers doing the racist bit are also not always anglo. They are made up of other ethnicities as well.

    I have documented evidence from a Workers Comp Insurer where the Deputy Principal of a NSW High School is covering for a racist Head Teacher and writes that :

    “The HT is task driven and expects her staff to be self motivated and show initiative. Unfortunately, the teachers with an Indian background are not inclined to demonstrate this attribute which has caused her concern in the management of her faculty. She does not suffer fools.”

    NOTE- The Indian teachers on her staff are highly accomplished with many years of teaching experience. One of them is a Doctor of Genetics, another a teacher voted “teacher of the year” at a previous school, and others on staff with fantastic credentials etc…


  2. Thanks for showing the racist Gumtree advertisemnt.See how people are publicly saying racist remarks.Will the govt. punish them and if a migrant would have done the same?? What action would the govt had taken


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