Visa on Arrival in India for many countries including NZ, but not for Australia!

See the update on Tourist Visa on arrival (TVoA), enabled by Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) post of 28th Nov, 2014. 


Ministry of External Affairs [MEA], Govt of India has decided to offer Visa on Arrival in India for citizens of 3 more countries-France, Russia and Germany. It already had a policy like this for 11 countries-New Zealand, Finland, Luxembourg, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam, The Philippines and Myanmar.

It is a good step as it should hopefully make it easier for tourists to go to India. India wants to double the tourist numbers in next 2-3 yrs. There is much work in progress on infrastructure involving tourism as well. India has so many attractions for people to visit it. It is not called “Incredible India” for no reason!

A lot of work has been done in Indian airports and facilities have improved significantly. Indian diaspora will keep visiting India for family and business reasons.

What is missing from the list is the names of countries like USA, Canada, UK, Scandinavia and Australia. India considers the risk of inimical actions by visitors from any country before that country is included in the Visa on Arrival list.  It is a well-known fact that there are people in USA, Canada and UK, who have been involved, and are still involved in anti-India activities. US citizen, David Headley was in the news only recently.  They will obviously be not welcome in India.

Australia is, I think, not in that category. There have been increasing numbers of Australians visiting India. It should be encouraged. While people of Indian heritage in Australia can apply for OCI [Overseas Citizen of India] cards which entitle them to travel to India without Visa for many years, but not every PIO [person of Indian Origin] has yet gone for an OCI card. My understanding is that a significant proportion of Indians do not have OCI cards. Visa on Arrival, if allowed for Australian citizens, will help such people, and of course non-Indian Australians.

If NZ can be in this list, I would have thought Australia can easily be in that list too.

India has clarified that they are not looking for reciprocal Visa on arrival facilities for Indian citizens in any country before including such country for Visa on arrival facility.

Australia qualifies for inclusion in the list also because both countries have good relations, which have become even better, after Australia’s ruling party decided to sell Uranium to India in Dec 2011.

My suggestion to Indian diplomats in Australia-High Commissioner of India and Consul Generals, is to lobby with MEA to include Australia for the Visa on Arrival facility. I also think that leaders from Indian Australian community should also lobby with Indian diplomats and Indian Govt to include Australia in this list.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/11th May, 2011

16 thoughts on “Visa on Arrival in India for many countries including NZ, but not for Australia!

  1. Australian cancel existing tourist visa of Indian at any australian airports, please check Australian Border security on youtube, just on the basics of if the traveller is carrying less money or has some documents that they mite thinks that the traveller is coming to work in australia on tourist visa and its not an legit tourist they will cancel there visa on the spot and send the traveller back to india by the same flight he or she came in australia, so australian tourist shouldn’t get the privilege of visa on arrival in any indian airports, there has to be some mutual understanding by both the governments, that benefits both the country citizens, This is just my opinion, please decide your self what is right and wrong yourself


  2. I think there is a bit of a confusion here. The OCI card is a ” certificate of Registration ” only card it
    is not a travel document is not a visa or passport. what is endorsed in your passport is a “VISA” with life long mutiple entries.
    As such, after the expiry of your current passport with the visa ,you have to get the life long visa transferred to your new passport for a small fee or travel with your expired passport & card along
    with your current foriegn passport..
    Hope I am right, any corrections please !


  3. OCI is good to have but the card holder must also carry the Visa stamped passport, current passport and OCI card. Many people have run into trouble with this OCI card. After the foreign passport carrying the VISA stamp expires, people should be allowed to use OCI card together with New foreign passport to travel in India.


  4. gary and anne from australia
    We would like to visit India as tourists but without convenient internet access will find obtaining a visa difficult. If a visa on entry was available we would make India our next destination. We are sure many others would feel the same. Last year our entry to Turkey was so easy.


    • I agree with you, Garry. I just hope, Indian Govt agrees with our suggestion., I am meeting Govt of India delegation, visiting Sydney currently, today, and will raise it with them. Cheers!


  5. Well said Yaduji, on top of everything it is a big hassle to get a visiting visa when your near and dear are very sick or dead.All Indians living in Australia should join Yaduji on this issue.Remember ,number power will get you what you want.

    Ahmed Hyder.


  6. Dear Yadu
    Once again you have proven beyond doubt your committment to India
    in bringing it to international fairness and equality. Well done Shailja


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