Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement gathers momentum in India!

Anna Hazare and his team members were arrested in the morning of 16th Aug, 2011. The reason for the arrests was their proposed protest by “Hunger strike” in a Park in New Delhi, which Govt of India did not want to let that happen. Delhi Police used the powers they have to stop the protest.

Anna Hazare was taken to Tihar Jail, where infamous politicians like Suresh Kalamadi of CWG scam and Mr A Raja of 2G spectrum scam are being kept.

This did not go well with the people of India. There were protests every where in India, and even overseas. The Govt of India saw the mass support for Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement and buckled under pressure. They agreed to release him in the evening, even though he was sent to the prison for 7 days, and also allowed the “Hunger strike” to go ahead in Delhi.

Anna Hazare and his team, including vast numbers of Indians, want Indian Parliament to pass a stringent anti-corrption Bill [Jan Lokpal Bill] to tackle rampant corruption in India. Govt of India, however, wants to pass a weaker Bill, excluding some of the people who, Anna Hazare & team [including Kiran Bedi, Shashi Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal, Swami Agnivesh] want to be included in the Bill.

Corruption is a fact of life in India and it affects every one and every walk of life. It is a big menace. People are sick of it. It needs to be tackled effectively and immediately.

The concept of accountability has to be implemented. A strong anti-corruption Bill will go a long way in tackling this menace but it will not be sufficient unless accompanied by a persistent campaign via mass media and some changes in the education system. This would also need the provision of sufficient funds and personnel to allow the Jan LokPal to do its job in a timely manner.

Corruption can be controlled provided there is a will power in the system. The example of ICAC [Independent Commission Against Corruption, ] in NSW is a good example.

There is a public movement in India and this is telling the Govt that people are sick of corruption. Govt should listen to the feelings and moods of the people and get on the business of eradicating corruption.

The current state of corruption is not tenable.

Anna Hazare is not just a name. It is in fact a name of a movement which has support from the masses. Govt has a choice to make. Listening to people and do something about is going to give the Govt some brawny points while ignoring or, worse, suppressing it is going to cause a lot of harm to them.

Anna Hazare movement is creating history. Just like Indians in India, I and my friends are supporting this movement. While we can’t do much sitting in Australia, we can definitely participate in this movement, and support this movement, by writing to the Consul Generals of India and High Commissioner of India in Australia.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/18th Aug, 2011

9 thoughts on “Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement gathers momentum in India!

  1. Congratulation to Anna Hazare & his Team for this Victory of the People over their own Representatives & Public servants, who have for all practical purposes become their Bosses & started demanding & getting unlawful/illegal Gratification from the people for each & every work ,which they are otherwise suppose to do as a part of their duty. .But , this Victory is just a beginning & We have a long way to Go to get it implemented in its true spirit to enjoy the fruits of this Bloodless struggle for Second Freedom.


  2. Dear Yadu ji,

    I am strongly in support of the anti corruption movement in India and as you have correctly pointed out someone, somewhere,sometime has to start this movement and Anna Hazare has done it.
    However,Anna’s modus operendi is not wright,with the masses behind him Anna should allow the constitution and the process to take place and make the bill pass by the parliment.I understand that we do not want the weaker bill and we know the people power Anna has now will not allow and compromise on this issue.We as educated ex citizens of India want corruption to be eradicated ,at the same time we do not want the Jungle Raj.
    The bottom line is, the movement has started and I fully support the same within the frame work of the Inian constitution and process.

    Ahmed Hyder JP.MIAME.
    TG Holding Group of Companies. PNG.


  3. Anna Hazare has done a wonderful job in waking and shaking the complacent people of India, towards some kind of positive activity. It is a significant ‘first-step’, to be able to run the full course. Of course, there will always be some bright people ever ready to audit and find faults in any situation, simply to achieve no activity other than to sit and grumble. Finding fault is acceptable only if an alternative course is suggested.

    However, we can not overlook the complications of the problem. Corruption, hero-worship, low self-esteem and weakness in character are factors innate and inter-twined among majority people of India. The corrupt (which includes those who readily tolerate corruption) and the weak people elect corrupt and weak leaders; and the corrupt and weak leaders, in their turn, create more of corrupt and weak people. One Lok-pal and his small entourage, irrespective of a lofty aim, will not be able to cope with the vastness of the malady, all by itself. The chances are that, under dire pressure, it may buckle and fall into the same crevices where others find themselves, at present. Therefore, much more is required to be done simultaneously, with what Anna Hazare has begun today.

    Those who wish to go further on this subject may read the book, titled “Unspoken History Of India Of Six Thousand Years”, authored by me and published by AuthorHouse of UK. The details could be viewed by Google search of the above title.

    Thank you, Yadu.

    Anand Mohun Sinha,
    Col (Retd)


  4. Anna is holding the nation to ransom. If we don’t do what Anna says he will commit suicide, leading to riots and disruption of law and order? If his methods are correct, I should be free to start a fast or an agitation and block M7 or Sydney City Centre on any issue. The correct way is to lobby with MPs. If they dont listen, vote them out. Thats democracy. Anna Hazare is doing Mobocracy. The common man is corrupt in India. That is the problem. Anna’s ends are correct but his means are wrong.


  5. Hello Yadu,
    A ray of hope has shone on India with Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement. My family and myself are with you in extending our support for this noble crusade. Keep up the excellent work!


  6. Dear Sanjeev,

    Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption crusade has now become a movement. Corruption is a menace in India. Something needs to be done. His approach may not the best but it has to start somewhere. A stringent anti-corruption body ie Lokpal will help, not harm the fight against corruption. Thank you very much for your logic and counter-views. I loved reading them. We will catch up soon. Regards Yadu


  7. It’s time for a first liberation war to evade entirety of corruption which is all pervasive in India. The corruption is beyond any perceivable limits. Some one has come forward and let’s all who suffered one or other way in our Indian life must support by all means. I am with you Dr Y without even asking a single why! Let us think as first from this side of the world.. to make this ‘corruption evil’ to be reduced to nothing! Good on you for making a start!


  8. Dear Yadu

    With due respect, I do not support Anna Hazare’s actions. I’ve explained at length on my blog.

    My issue is not with his integrity or his intentions, but that he is basically he is fighting shadows, and the LP bill will entirely leave the causes of corruption untouched.

    Second, his method is anarchist and shows no regard to any due process. It is creating a very bad precedent for India. Gandhi had set many clear conditions for fasting, which Hazare has violated. Gandhi also did not want the methods which Gandhi had himself used before independence, to be used after independence.

    In the end, if anyone is serious about removal of corruption they will need (a) different solutions and (b) have to directly contest elections and change the laws.

    You might wish to look at: if you are interested. I know it is much easier to enjoy a nice drama, and yes, Hazare has created a nice little drama for everyone to enjoy.

    But in the end you wouldn’t do a “medicine-man dance” and jump the operation theatre in order to perform a heart transplant. So also Hazare’s shadow boxing won’t make an iota of difference to corruption in India, since he is not even treating the cause. He is trying to “cure” malaria by killing a FEW mosquitoes. Never was a solution to such a major issue so badly mis-placed.



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