Kyle sandilands of 2Day FM should be ashamed for making offensive comments against India & River Ganges.

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See the link below. 

 It has the sound bites of the grossly offensive anti-India comments by Kyle Sandilands of 2Day FM.

They are hurtful, unnecessary and objectionable to Indian Australians, to whom India will always have a special place. Unlike Kyle, we do not believe India is a “shit hole”. River Ganges, which Kyle is ridiculing outrageously, is accepted as a sacred river by the followers of the Hindu religion. His comments are getting into the realm of religious beliefs of Hindus and he seems to be questioning them.

These comments are the products of arrogant,  insensitive and uninformed mind.

I wonder how much Kyle knows about India before he made these objectionable comments.

2Day FM management should ask him to apologise for his hurtful comments.

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/29th Aug, 2011

17 thoughts on “Kyle sandilands of 2Day FM should be ashamed for making offensive comments against India & River Ganges.

  1. Fuck off SANDEEP AND KYLE you don’t know the history of Ganges..go and read about it first AND then fuckin put the coment that’s our Holy river NOBODY have a right To say anything wrong about it..


  2. I appreciate the volunteer work done by Dr. Yadu Singh Ji.

    @ Akshay: Akshay says that-I believe we should send a strong signal to this idiot via the Indian High Commission. Its obvious that you haven’t been at the receiving end of the the treatment received by most Indians through officials of the Indian consulates in USA?


  3. The reality is that most Indians are not hurt by Kyle Sandilands’s statement. He is just an entertainer. For those who understand Hindi; nautanki wale ki baat ka bura nahi maan na chahiye.

    In fact, Sandilands says that he likes Indians. Why is this part of his statement left out by the hypestream media?


  4. Mr. Yadu Singh

    Understand the meaning of Kylie honestly. Kylie have correctly described the Ganges Condition. I have been to Hardwar recently and have seen it with my eyes.. Go and check the infrastructure outside of Delhi and you will agree to Kylie.


  5. I’m getting sick of we Indians getting “hurt” and “offended” just because somebody said something. In this case however, the bloke just stated a fact. There are few countries dirtier than India and that is the main reason why people like you and me are living outside India.


  6. We should not forgive Kyle Sandilands at any cost. This bigot cannot get away with this.
    For all the people who are saying that India is dirty and Indians have no civic sense don’t forget that when you were living in India you were the same, throwing and tossing garbage all over the place.
    I agree there are some serious concerns about hygenine and sanitation in Indian cities which need to be addressed, but that does not give any half wit uneducated person the right to defame India and Hinduism on Public Forum as 2day FM.
    I believe we should send a strong signal to this idiot via the Indian High Comission.
    If he would have kept his personal thoughts to himself it would haver been a different matter, but he has done this on a popular public forum and he cannot be pardoned.

    Don’t forget it is only after the Indian media and the Indian High commision made some noise about the Indian Student bashings the seriousness of the issue came to the limelight and the students concerns were addressed by an otherwise indifferent system.


  7. There is some truth to Kyle Sandilands’s comments. Many parts of India are not clean and Ganges is polluted. He may be guilty of being crass. Kyle’s comments should not be taken literally. Let’s take his comments in stride and focus on doing what is right as humans, Australians and Indians. Demanding apology is not a part of our culture, its a western concept.


  8. Truth hurts…. It is easy to get worked up and get so emotional but not too long ago Mr Jaipal Reddy (Cabinet Minister) also gave a statement along these lines. Do pursue this if you wish to but if you really care then pursue this agenda with the Indian Govt to get their act together to clean-up the cities and rivers.


  9. Sorry to say, we are acting too precious.The more we speak out loud on such trivial issues, the more there are members of the public and media going to support such statements.One must not forget that the River Ganges however “HOLY” is actually a filthy polluted gutter into which dead carcasses of animals, half burnt bodies and absolutele filth is thrown into.Howmany of us living here would actually go and take a dip at this so called holy site-I wonder??We seem to have an issue if a member of a western media makes a comment however derogatory about India , but when one reads the Indian media reports then they are equally scathing about the filth and dirt in our cities, rivers , mountains, You name it!
    Actually I would like to add that our own desis are bringing this same filth and dirt to Australia and might even make this a shit Hole.Just walk in Indian populated suburbs like Parramatta and see the Paan stains on the wall, packets of Indian snacks thrwon on the streets, I have even vaught young Indians urinating in broad day light .It is better we concentrate on such issues then getting worked up over every thing the media says.After all when we switch on the TV’s and see any news on India is’nt it sad that we only see a dirty India???If this matter of calling India SHIT HOLE is going to get too much attention, then one can be sure the TV channels will be deighted to show Images to the Australian Public to support claims made by KYkle sSandlands!


  10. I agree with Dinesh ji that we should not forgive and forget. This person must apologise. Dr. Yadu Singh is doing a great job.


  11. We should neither forget nor forgive. Our habit of forgiveness had made us slaves for 600 years and had we had leaders who divided us. Hinduism is oldest surviving race and religion. We did not survive on forgiveness. Since we started to forget and forgive, we became slaves. No more. Any one who insult us knowingly or unknowingly, must apologies. We are peace and loving but it does not give right to anyone to insult our race and places of worship.


  12. Thanks Dr. Yadu for taking this up and writing about this. Also thanks to Mr. Sanjeev. The broadcast was done at 28 july 7:01am.


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