DIAC Australia has India’s incorrect map, which should be rectified!

I have been made aware of a map, which DIAC [Dept of Immigration and Citizenship] Australia has put in its website. It excludes Jammu & Kashmir [J&K] from Indian map. J&K appears to be shown as a part of Pakistan.

Even Arunachal Pradesh appears to be shown outside India.

See the Link here.


This is wrong and objectionable, and should be rectified.

Jammu & Kashmir is an integral, inseparable and inalienable part of India and will always remain so.

Let me remind those who do not know the relevant history. J&K became an inalienable part of India on 25th October, 1947 when King of J&K, Maharaja Hari Singh, signed the “Instrument of accession” with India. This Instrument was executed between India’s then Governor-General, Lord Louis Mountbatten, and Maharaja Hari Singh on 27th October, 1947. All rulers of States and Kingdoms in India were entitled to choose one of three options- join India, join Pakistan or remain independent-at the time of Indian independence in 1947.

J&K joined India in 1947.

Pakistan came into being on 14th Aug, 1947, and it celebrates its Independence day on 14th August.

India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August.

Here is the Link for more details.


Maharaja Hari Singh’s Kingdom of Jammu & Kashmir obviously joined India. The Maharaja made the correct choice. He was a smart King. J&K is part of the progressive, prosperous, secular, multicultural and democratic India.

India and Indians will never allow anyone to undo what was done by Maharaja Hari Singh in 1947. Terrorism and unrest supported from across the border will never succeed.

I also want to see that something serious is done to facilitate return of Kashmiri Pundits [KPs] back to Kashmir, from where they were forced to go into exile in other parts of India. KPs are living in exile in their own country. I and millions of Indians feel for the plight of KPs.

It would be helpful if relevant parties have a proper geographical and historical knowledge in these matters.

LOC [line of Control] in J&K, depicting what is happening on the ground, can be shown, just as UNDP Map does. Arunachal Pradesh is clearly an Indian territory and Governed by India.

My view is that DIAC India map is a genuine oversight, and can be fixed easily. I don’t think even for a minute that it has been done deliberately or done with malafide intension.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/09th June, 2011



PS: DIAC had removed the map within days after this post. See the subsequent post in this Blog. Yadu Singh/25th Sept, 2011

9 thoughts on “DIAC Australia has India’s incorrect map, which should be rectified!

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  3. Even National Geographic and Reader’s Digest have published incorrect maps of India. For years, India’s ruling governments have been taking long slumber before realizing what their citizens living abroad have seen and reported back to Indian Media. Dr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. S.M. Krishna need to take this matter up with the entire international media, and even the UN that Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir are two integral parts of India and therefore, it is incorrect for the international media to portray India’s map without these two states. I don’t think if I am all that pissed at the American or Australian or British governments for messing up India’s map, but am simply fed up of the way in which India’s government takes up this issue with these countries. I guess it be National Geographic’s turn tomorrow with the headlines in India reporting “National Geographic places Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in China and not India”.


  4. Dr. Yadu Singh,

    It is a good catch. Please take up with Australian authorities. My support is with you on this issue.

    Harry Walia


  5. http://hdrstats.undp.org/en/countries/profiles/IND.html UNDP map is wrong too. It looks like DIAC took the map from UNDP. Still, seeing J&K and Arunachal Pradesh being shown out of India is objectionable..

    Arunachal Pradesh is very much a part of India and has been so for ages.

    If you see the India map in UNDP site, you will see some comments. They say that the Map does not have the endorsement from UNO. It talks about the LOC in J&K, but no such comments are there in DIAC’s India map.

    UNDP map of India is incorrect but DIAC India map goes a step further by removing the comments which are in the UNDP map.

    These maps need to be rectified.


  6. Following is the source of maps at DIAC website:

    Country maps are sourced from the United Nations Human Development Project, 2010 Annual Report – The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development.

    May be its best to write to UN for correction!


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