Proud to have helped Indian students from an aviation school in Sydney!

I worked tirelessly to help a group of Indian students in an aviation school in Sydney. They had paid a lot of money to this school but did not receive what they believed they should have received. These students were suffering, dejected, despondent and did not know where to go for the help, direction and guidance.

I took them as my younger brothers, gave them my office to use on the weekends and provided them all the help I could.  They have had a torrid time which I had seen first hand. My medical background was quite useful as I could also provide psychological support to them.

You might remember that Four Corners [ABC] made a documentary on their plight in 2009. It was my efforts that their case was featured in that programme. I had a direct role in getting their story aired which helped us significantly.

This project included working with them actively, interacting with this Aviation school, VETAB officials, ESOS officials, NSW Govt and Federal Govt officials. Whenever we needed help, we sought it from Indian Govt officials in Australia, although there was not much we needed from them. It was our project and we had to get the result.

With the persistent work for well over 12 months, we achieved the result which even we had not imagined.

They received full refund of their fees which they were entitled for. Some of them had already returned to India and they also received the refunds. This helped them finish their training or get on with their lives. They could help their parents who had taken big loans for their training in Australia. The total refund was more than $250000.00.

Please click the LINK.>>>>>  Arun-Kumar-letter

I am hugely satisfied and extremely proud that I could help them. They deserved this.

I also declare that I did not have any conflict of interest here and did not benefit from my work in any way!

This is one of the community work which I have been involved in but this is not the only one. More reports will follow.

As I have said many times before, I am not just a medico. I am also a passionate and proud community member. Life becomes much more fulfilling and interesting if we are able to give something back to the community of which we are a part. This is my guiding principle! 

Some examples of my work are here.>>>>>

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/11th April, 2011

8 thoughts on “Proud to have helped Indian students from an aviation school in Sydney!

  1. thank you you very much sir 4 what all you have done for us .that was really a tough time for us and u are the one who made is easier ,.,.thank you once again ,.,.


  2. Dr. Yadu Singh has indeed helped us a lot, we not only got a partial refund, later we were also given back the whole of the remaining amount. Thanks to Dr. Singh for saving our career’s and helping us come out of our hefty bank loans. Aapka Ehsaan zindagi bhar rahega hum par sir, love you.


  3. Your deserves appreciation for your services. Each one of us should try to help with available resources.

    A group of Aged Parents, Senior citizen of India who are on Bridging Visa Sub class 804, need some help for speeding up their PR processing. Is it possible to get help?


    M. M. Prasad


  4. Thank you very much sir. I have been a beneficiary of this refund grant. Australian aviation education has regained its respect in my opinion.


  5. This is a good development indeed. Well done. I am writing this comment not just in my individual capacity but also as the current President of AAERI (Association of Australian Education Representatives)(


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