Channel 10, SMH and other media coverage of the attacks on Sri Mandir temple, Auburn.

Here is the coverage from Channel 10 Australia.

Here is the Sydney Morning Herald [SMH] coverage.

SBS Radio-World news coverage. 

Indian Channel, IBN-CNN  coverage.

This Indian Channel does talk about our “panic” which might be an exaggeration but was a reasonable report overall.

SBS Radio-Hindi coverage.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/29th March, 2011

3 thoughts on “Channel 10, SMH and other media coverage of the attacks on Sri Mandir temple, Auburn.

  1. That security you have seen at synagogues is very expensive. It’s not only synagogues, it’s schools. old age homes, pre-schools, charitable institutions and more

    It costs us a great deal of money


  2. I’ve just found out about this attack on Shree Mandir from SMH.

    As I’ve always said before, there is only 1 solution and that is to hire security. Nothing else will work. We have tried the help of Police and politicians and it has all failed. My suggestion is :-

    1.) Hire Armed Guards for day time operations ( like Bank Guards who transfer cash)

    2.) Get Panditji and his family to a different location. During day time Panditji can do his pooja at the Mandir and at night time he can go back to his new home away from Mandir.

    3.) Additional cost for these things should be borne by community. As a minimum everybody should contribute $50 (those who can make a substantial contribution should be acknowledged)

    This is not something new. I’ve visited Jewish places of worship in Sydney and have seen them hire security all the time. Changing Mandir location will not solve the problem. These same miscreants can attack new place as well.

    This is the only solution.



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