R.I.P, Ms Tosha Thakkar!


It is a matter of utmost sadness that someone loses their child in this manner. It would be very hard to imagine what Ms Tosha Thakkar’s parents would be going through after the news about their daughter’s murder reached them. Her father in Vadodara, Gujarat  is quite ill. My heart goes out to them.

This young lady had been in Australia for about 3 years, pursuing an accounting degree in Sydney. She was allegedly sexually assaulted and killed by a neighbour, Daniel Stani-Reginald who is an Australian of Sri Lankan heritage. Her body was stuffed in a suit-case and thrown in a canal. There is a view that she might have been alive when thrown away in this manner. This is absolutely cruel. She did not need to die this way. It is all very shocking. That some people can do this type of cruel things to other humans is beyond me. My heart goes out to Tosha.

Full credit goes to NSW Police for investigating this murder very quickly and arresting the alleged perpetrator who is in the Jail now. His bail has been refused. It is expected that alleged perpetrator will face the full force of law for his alleged crime. Hearing of the case will commence on 9th may, 2011 at Burwood Local Court.

I know that at least some in Indian media tried to characterise it as a race based crime before knowing full facts but this was rectified after more info became available. It is always advisable to wait for full facts before arriving at any conclusion on anything. This was the exact point I had emphasized when I was called for my opinion by Aaj Tak and other Indian news channel last Monday.

A  Facebook site named “R.I.P-Tosha Thakkar” has been set up.

Our sincere condolences to Tosha’s parents in Gujarat, India and her relatives and friends in Sydney.

R.I.P, Ms Tosha Thakkar!

Yadu Singh/Sydney/18th March, 2011



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