Parliamentary friends of India in NSW:Update.

Please refer to my earlier Post on this topic []. I was happy with this and called it a good initiative. I did however make some comments in regards to the press release [ 101124 parliamentary friends of india[1] from the Premier. The press release did not mention who the other Co-Convenor was and what was the outcome of the letter from the Premier to the leader of opposition, Mr Barry O’Farrell.

 After my last Blog post on this important topic, I have  sought and received communication from the Leader of Opposition, Mr Barry O”Farrell.

It appears that a letter was written by the Premier to Mr O’Farrell after the press release on this matter was issued.

Mr O’Farrell advised that Mr Victor Dominello, MP [Member for Ryde] will be the Co-Convenor on behalf of the Coalition. He is well known in our community and is a supporter of our community, just like Mr Andrew Mcdonald, the other Co-Convenor.

My take on this matter is that the Leader of Opposition, Mr O’Farrell should have been consulted before issuing the press release  and the Press Release should have included the names of  both the Co-Convenors. Parliamentary Friends of India is a NSW Parliamentary group, not a group from a single political party. It must have full support from all sides in the Parliament. Otherwise, it will not work  effectively for People of NSW.

Both parties are friendly with Indian Australian community and we welcome it. ALP leaders including our Premier are friendly with Indian Australians, just like Mr Barry O’Farrell and Liberal party leaders. Parliamentary friends of India has their enthusiastic support and Indian Australians of all political persuasions welcome its formation.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/14th Dec, 2010

5 thoughts on “Parliamentary friends of India in NSW:Update.

  1. Yadu
    Good work I must say. I think it is high time indian australians have political recognition. By partisan support is important too.

    Diwali at Parliament House should be organised by the Parliamentary friends of India in NSW. I was not too impressed by Raj Datta and his programme..


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