Will not forget and will not Forgive! Remembering Mumbai Terror attacks on 26/11/08.



Today is 26th Nov. It is exactly 2 years ago when 10 Pakistani terrorists perpetrated terror attacks on Mumbai, killing 175 and wounding 308 innocent people for no reason. These terrorists, one of whom was captured alive is now in a Mumbai jail, all came from Pakistan. Ajmal Kasab  has been convicted for the murders and has been sentenced with the capital punishment.

No body has any doubt that LET and others from Pakistan had organised these attacks on several sites in Mumbai. These organisers, often referred as non-state actors from Pakistan, have not yet been punished.

I have been to Mumbai in October, 2010  for some other purpose but made a point to visit Taj Palace Hotel which was one of the sites which was attacked. I have seen the names of the people who were murdered by these uncivilized animals. That list made me very emotional and angry. They did not need to die.

Today, I am thinking about those who were killed and the grief of  their family members. I am thinking about the children who lost their parents. I am thinking about ladies who lost their husbands. I am thinking about those who lost their brothers, sisters and children. I am thinking about the commandos and Mumbai police men too who lost their lives while fighting for us.

I am thinking about how it happened and why it happened.

I am thinking about who had organised this and many other terror attacks in India.

While thinking about it all, my heart and soul is very heavy with sadness. With sadness, I am furious too.

While thinking about it, I also have a resolve which is that I “will never forget and will never forgive” those who committed these attacks and those who had organised these attacks.

I will forgive these perpetrators/organisers only when they are brought to justice, punished adequately and their terror schools are dismantled totally and permanently.

Vande Mataram!

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/26-11-2010



2 thoughts on “Will not forget and will not Forgive! Remembering Mumbai Terror attacks on 26/11/08.

  1. Well, you know that the Mumbai attacks were executed by the British Empire. No point spilling tears while not bothering to look for the higher cause. Meanwhile, the Brits and their networks have tried to make it look like Pakistan did, to stoke further tension between India and Pakistan.


  2. Dear Yadu
    Thanks for being so compassionate and thoughtful.You are the kind of person India banks on to serve it with utmost sincerity and dedication.Jai Ho Bharat Maa ke Suputro kee Regards Shailja


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