ABC Media Watch blasts Channel 7 report on Delhi CWG’s security scare.


Someone has just sent this link from ABC Australia’s Media Watch which has apparently done a thorough investigation [as it claims] and exposed the report by Channel 7 on Delhi CWG’s security arrangements. Channel 7 journalist reported that he could enter the JL Nehru stadium with a suitcase full of explosives. As Media Watch programme reports, not everything he said turns out to be correct. Media Watch raised some doubts about his claims whether he was even at the stadium gate. Channel Seven is standing by its reporter and reports. I understand that Ch 7 has now asked Media Watch to remove this programme  from Media Watch website but I see that Media Watch has not removed it [at 7PM, 29th Sept]. It is difficult to know for sure as to who is right and I therefore leave it to you to judge for yourself by visiting Ch7 and Media Watch websites.

Media Watch reports that there was a lot of manipulation and falsehood in Channel 7 report. Scare-mongering appeared to be the main game, according to Media Watch.

I am disgusted with media sensationalism generally. Some of the recent reports on Delhi CWG are grossly exaggerated and manipulated with the intension of harming India’s image.

I am noticing a trend in at least a segment of Australian media to depict Indians and India in negative light. This has become more apparent after the students’ issue last year. This is not good for Indian Australians. We will need to deal with this trend smartly and assertively.

People have often wondered whether this new trend in Australian media is a payback to hysterical, exaggerated, imbalanced and unfair reporting against Australia by a segment of Indian media last year. We did not agree with Indian media then just like we do not agree with Australian media now. Fair is fair and unfair is unfair, irrespective of who is the target of reporting.

Generally speaking, crap reporting will remain just that-crap, irrespective of who does it!

Yes, India has problems and CWG Organising Committee has not done everything right and in a timely fashion [thus bringing some shame on itself, India and Indians all over the world including India] but Media needs to be more balanced and must give credit where it is due.

I am wondering about how low Media will go to sensationalize an event. I am wondering about the real agenda and motives of this segment of Media.

Yes, I have Indian heritage and am proud of it. I love India exactly as  I love Australia. India is my “MATRI BHUMI” [my place of birth] and Australia my “KARM BHUMI” [my place of work and my home]. Both deserve my gratitude and love. My disgust with unfair reporting against India is not just because I am of Indian background but it is also because I find this report to be very unfair. Similarly, we found the reports from a segment of Indian media on Australia last year disgusting because they were unfair. I believe that all fair-minded Australians [from any background] will share my views on unfair reporting about any person, race, religion or country.

Fair and proportionate criticism of India is fine, justified, desirable and acceptable, but false, disproportionate, unfair, selective, exaggerated, distorted and manipulated is not.

Channel 7’s report has been branded by Media Watch as “Shocking beat-up”!  There are only two options. Either Ch7 defends it or it accepts the criticism. If it is the former, then it should do what generally happens in Australia. If it is latter, an apology will be due to India and Indians.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/29th September,2010

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PS: This is an evolving story. I am going to follow the spat between Media Watch and CH7 closely and will report any new development. Please keep an open mind and follow this story. We do have an interest in this story because we have an unbreakable bond with India which is much more than just a country for us.

11 thoughts on “ABC Media Watch blasts Channel 7 report on Delhi CWG’s security scare.

  1. the entire australian media is only keen on putting the negative impression about the delhi CWG. yes, i do accept, things have been delayed. i believe the west needs to change their attitude towards india. its one of the largest economies in the world today and a super power in the making. these negativity will only strengthen india and we will see australia as not a friendly nation. in the long term, its a big loss for oz… aussies need to look at their dirt and filthy attitude towards racism. so before you say something against india, look at yourshelves first. India is a great country, hence no negativity and self made stories will work.


  2. Actually this is ‘tit for tat’ by the Australian media. The Indian media called upon Aussies as Racist ..on and on.. during the days of Indians attacked (still goes on.. i.e. a different matter!) and now their time.. So they went on a rampage to make sure to tarnish the image of fact they have nothing more to tarnish the image of India by this act.. everyone knows the level of corruption, vertical diff between poor & rich, the wretched politicians stooping to any level in that country. Apart from them they still project this country is full of bullock carts, snake charmers and in their news only the slums of India..cows in streets etc..(Thanks to Rama.. Wow.. what an eye opener to all!.. but we speak clean British English in BPO’s and Indians earn clean dollars..What a Parity!!) They are unable to accept India’s growing strong economy and its ‘never dry’ market is an envy to all these people..In their view a poor country must be poor all the times. Yet no matter of what they say & show, ‘India is India.. You go there with an open mind.. As a tourist one has to accept the rules of the land..’ one scribe from here said recently. The Q&A session ended there straight away.


  3. We must remain optimistic at this 11th hour, that India will come out with unprecedented success,a slap on all those who have been mercilessly trying to thwart india’s attempts to rise with the eastern Suryoday


  4. It’s shocking that Australian Channel 7 stooped to such levels for this story. It’s Aussie version of Peepli Live. However, the positive is that while there is media like channel 7, there is also ABC Media watch which immediately smelled rat and exposed the exposure.


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