Federal election outcome:what is one of the messages for us?

There is no doubt that people have voted against ALP yesterday. They have lost their majority. We have a hung parliament.

There were many reasons for this debacle. One of the major reasons was the way Kevin Rudd was removed as PM. He was removed by  power brokers and Union hacks, often referred as faceless men or Machinery men. Kevin Rudd led ALP to the victory in 2007 and he was instrumental in getting Coalition defeated then. He was knifed by these machinery men for whom power was everything . People did not like this at all. I was listening to SBS Radio [Urdu] talk-back this morning  and almost everyone made this point.

Bennelong’s defeated ALP candidate, Maxine McKew has made some very pertinent comments in this regard last night. Others have said similar things. Here are the links.



Basically, Australians are not going to tolerate Union hacks and power brokers wielding this much power anymore. A message has been sent to ALP. They will have to deal with it.

Please be aware that some “salaried” union leaders are trying to project themselves as our “leaders” for Indian Australian community. Please open your eyes and you will see them. They have been working on a plan for controlling our community associations and have managed largely to do that too. Some of the Indian community associations have started working as the branches of political parties. Their presidents and office bearers have been attending political campaigns as office bearers, not as individuals. This is despite the fact that such associations are non-political bodies as per their constitutions. I have no problem if they attend political party functions individually but turning our community associations into branches of these parties is unacceptable.

We  need to reject such so-called leaders and Union hacks, and any Indian community association which has aligned itself with any political party openly.

We can tell such leaders where to go if we don’t attend their functions. Attending their functions gives them Oxygen which we need to switch off.

Yadu Singh/Melbourne/22nd Aug, 2010

2 thoughts on “Federal election outcome:what is one of the messages for us?

  1. Yadu Singhji,
    Come out and put the nfinger on the names of such organisations and people.
    There is no point of just beating around the bush. Let the people know about them and openly condemn them.
    Moti Visa JP


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