Indian students are happy to come to Australia:That’s fine but only genuine ones should be welcome!

Indian students are apparently happy to come to Australia. It is OK with me but we want only those who are coming here to study and have sufficient money for living/tuition expenses, proper manners, certificates and English standards.

FISA is irrelevant and it is about time that its advisers, owners or controllers stop talking nonsense. I urge Gautam Gupta and Ajay Unni [both are not students presently & have not been so for several years] to review what they have been saying. Enough harm has been done to Indian Australian community’s reputation by irresponsible statements and bringing “racism” for every crime/incident in relation to Indian students. The level of their leadership is obvious from their 10 point charter [See elsewhere in this Blog]. I want to tell Gautam Gupta that I am opposed to his views and that he does not speak for all from Indian Australian community. I seriously doubt that he speaks for many from students or Indian Australian community.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/14th March, 2010

12 thoughts on “Indian students are happy to come to Australia:That’s fine but only genuine ones should be welcome!

  1. I like many have been disappointed that FISA guys have been sending wrong messages to Indian media. Infact hierarchy of FISA did go to India prior to PM Rudds visit to adv, lobby and give their version of the stories. No doubt every country including India has its own racists and to brand whole country as such is wrong. FISA needs to be sidelined. Questions must be asked about FISA.


  2. Dr Singh,

    AUSTRALIA should welcome “students” and not “illegal migrants” who sneak under the garb of “students”.

    The problem over the last couple of years has been that it has been very difficult for genuine students to Universities to reach Australia due to stringent visas for category 573 from India. On the other hand, those to cheap diplomas to private colleges (often owned or run by Indians) have been easy. In an way this is another dimension of THE ENEMY WITHIN.

    In Melbourne and in Sydney, the ones who exploited the system has been private colleges owned by Indians or from other South Asian countries who knew the loopholes and worked in tandem with “unorganised sector” of agents to bring the rot over from villages that have only found a place on the map. How can you expect this group of illegal migrants who have often not even got proper schooling to fit in.

    Anyway, all this is history now and the fact is that the “tap” has been “turned off” and Indian students will not be getting visas easily. Further, Indian students have also dropped interest in Australia.

    Very sad indeed.

    I Invite your readers to my blog which has covered this issue.


    • I fully agree with you all that some students have bought disrepute of our peaceful/ law abiding Indian Community. Over the years our community had created an effective stand in the community in lot of ways but lately our clean image has been tarnished by some of these individuals. I strongly believe they are not able amalgamate with the mainstream people. They are rude , loud mouth and arrogant. So the best is to go back to India and live they would like to live


  3. Value for life is what anybody & everybody, sane enough, wants. Australia is a blooming example for providing this. This is the crux of the whole thing…. rest all superficial. Let us respect the land we have chosen to live in. Anybody trying, even remotely, to dilute this needs to b filtered-out.


  4. Australia needs young,educated, hard working migrants to cater for it’s ageing population. Indians fit the bill readily. So, the simple plan is ( at least until recently where the Aussie Govt had changed the rules) to fill up this huge void with hard working Indians. You really do not want more Lebanese or other similar ethinic groups who has poor work ethics and high crime rates. So, the Govt instead of giving PR to these potential migrants decided to combine education and migration together. In this process, Australia is earning about 6 billion dollars a year and has a huge supply of cheap labourers to work on jobs which ordinary aussie shun. So, for the last few years, they have killed 2 birds with a single stones. Poor Indian, selling their homes and land in India and joining useless courses here so that they will eventually get PR . Another whiteman’s innovative idea,brilliantly exploiting the poor as they have done for hundreds of years in the past.
    Yes, I do agree that some of the Indian students behaviour is irksome and irritating. But that does not excuse the exploitation by the Australian Govt and various private organisations of poor Indians.
    If you deny that there is no racisim here, then you are just burying your head in the sand and try to be politically correct. Recent University studies in Melbourne and Qld clearly shows that Indians and Chinese need to apply 68% time more, for the same job, with similar qualifications, than Anglo Saxans This bit of news ( research done by the UNIs) was published in the SMH about a month or so back. Recently, the FM of Australia at last, ADMITS to some form racisim in it’s society.


    • Rama, thank you. Australia needs “educated” people as you say. People who can’t speak English and yet have fraud certificates for good scores of IELTS can’t be the ones, we want or need. We also don’t need those who are here with false certificates of all types etc. I have personal experience with lebanese community and they work hard. Agreed, some of them are into crimes, like other communities. Not justified to sigle them out. Yes, we have racism in OZ but a vast majority are not racist. Our own Indian people/leaders including UIA did nothing much when Dr Hanif was going through his problems but Anglo-saxon Australians did a lot. Why to forget the behaviour of Raj Thakre/Bal Thakre against non-Marathi people in Mumbai? India also has racism and so are the other countries. Let us be realistic on both directions-pro and anti OZ and have a fair assessment. I maintain, OZ is a great place with comparatively less crime than many including India.

      Yadu Singh


      • Yadu, you have not answered the issues I have raised. The Australian Govt, had DELIBERATELY combined migration and education together and is reaping huge rewards to the tune of 6 billion dollars/year. They are not dumb and are fully aware that there are some elements of fraud going on with certificates. Hey, but the profits are soooooo high, why worry about all these little details, eh? Plus we are getting some cheap labour to boot, eh!!
        Lebanese have highest rate of unemployment and head the statics for high criminal activities. We do not want to be politically correct here either. You have to counter my point better with statistics rather than your association about some hard working Lebanese.
        Mumbai problem is entirely another subject matter and you cannot combine that with racial issues in Australia.This is outside the topic being discussed here. Please write a blog on this Mumbai issue and we will discuss it further.
        As I said earlier, PROVEN BY UNIVERSITY STUDIES,that there is a strong element of racisim in a significant propotion of the Australian po[pulace. You have to come out with facts to counter this and not views.
        I do not care what the Indian student unions do or don’t do. Hardly it matters.


      • Rama, Yes, racism is there in OZ as it is all over the world. India also has it. Please don’t tell me that OZ is the only place which has racism. I am aware of the studies you are quoting on the racist attitudes but I will not be surprised if this would be true for other societies as well. People can hold racist attitudes inside them but they can’t be allowed to act on them. Holding a view is not illegal but acting on them is. Australia does not have the rules/regulations/lawas which discriminate people based on race, colour, gender and religion. Accepting the shortcomings, I still believe Australia is a great country and a better country than a lot of the countries including India. I am against profiling any race, religion or community for anything as there are a lot more good people in every “profiled”segment than the bad people. Regards Yadu Singh


  5. I met one of my former colleagues, a true blue Aussie at a site near the place where students rally was in progress. His reaction on seeing the way students were behaving on the main streets of CBD was ” I would put them on the first available plane back to India or where ever they have come from. We can’t take this nonsense and we are not used to it.”


    • Ashok, we live in Australia and we need to follow the ways of Australia. Some Indian students do not want to follow this. We have been harmed by these students [not all of them] because of their bad manners, behaviour, rorts, scams, crimes and contract marriages. I have been involved in their issues as I was the chair of the Consul General’s committee on Indian students’ Issues. I am aware of what is going on. If people do not like Australia, its systems and processes, then they are welcome to go back to India.

      Yadu Singh


      • I presume the British who migrated here followed the local ways and adopted the aboriginal culture! Also, I presume they did the same when they occupied India for > 150 years and all other parts of the world, including Africa.Wake up guys, this is a country where the natives were subjected to almost total genocide ( which was, I wish to add, was the norm for the whites wherever they have invaded, America, Canada for example) What is so bad about maintaing your own culture and it’s values? Now, what is so graet about English language? We still have this colonial stigma about our own Indian languages.


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