Corruption Perception Index [CPI]: NZ at 1, Australia at 8 and India at 84th place!

Have a look at this table of Corruption perception Index [CPI] from Transparency International [TI], which places NZ at the top, Australia at number 8 and India at 84th.

 I have lived in all 3 countries and know the difference. NZ and Australia are far cleaner as far as the impact of corruption is concerned in day to day lives of the people.

Somalia and Afghanistan are at the bottom. Pakistan and Bangladesh are at 139th place. Nepal is even lower. You would see that whole South Asia is very poorly placed in this list. Bhutan is the only exception. Are we surprised? At least, I am not.

I would love to see India within the top 10.

As TI says, Corruption ruins lives, take action and fight back. Please do think about what we, the people, can do to reduce corruption in the world.

Yadu Singh/Orlando*/17-11-09

*I am attending American Heart Association Conference at Orlando, Florida, USA currently.

7 thoughts on “Corruption Perception Index [CPI]: NZ at 1, Australia at 8 and India at 84th place!

  1. true… not sure who said this, but it still rings true: I used to look down on the world for being corrupt, but now I adore it for the utter magnificence of that corruption.


  2. Corruption is a world wide phenomenon. obviously many western countries rate low due to the fact they have successfully manipulated the definition of corruption and in many cases legalised it. Otherwise how can you justify attack on Iraq, afghanistan and now Libya. Corruption is caused by Greed and there is plenty of it in the west.


  3. Corruption I presume is not a mere eruption of the deep-seated microbes corroding social values but the pug marks of a famished generation.The root cause of the crisis was predicted a century back by Swami Vivekananda to be “Population” (India at his time was underpopulated).Surely greed breeds greed, its time we pay heed.


  4. Corruption Index – India’s shameful position

    I sometime wonder why most Indians in India try to emigrate out, despite India having great wealth in terms of skilled human power and the rich natural resources. I am convinced that amongst the top factors is our low CPI (Corruption Perception Index). Corruption is deep-rooted there from top to bottom, you just have to look at the fact that over a trillion stinking dollars from Indians are stacked up in Swiss Banks, and surprisingly it is not a major election issue in India. I hope, like you, India comes into the top ten in CPI. And I bet when that happens, no one would want to leave India.
    – Vinod –


    • Well said Vinod, in fact every bharatiya wishes for the same. Corruption came with the Brits, remained in India and has inherited people’s lives.
      It’s a matter of time when corruption will be gone and only God knows when!


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