Indian Australians:are we relevant in Australia & its systems?

There are about 300000 people of Indian heritage in Australia. About 100000 Indian students are in Australia too. Our numbers are probably more if we take Indian people from Fiji, Malaysia, South Africa and other countries into account. Basically, we have a significant mass of people from Indian background in Australia.

We are nicely represented in Medicine, law, teaching, accounting, IT and banking but not so in the higher level of administration and politics. Talking about the politics, there is not even a single person from Indian heritage in the state parliament or Federal parliament. This is not going to change in the near future either. This is so despite several of us in the major political parties, usually as cheer squad members.

Is it so because people with questionable calibre are in the political parties and such people do not have what a leader must have- the capacity to lead or is it because political parties are happy to take support from us but not willing to give us a share in the power? There are merits in both arguments.

I for one believe that we will not get what we should unless we do certain things. We have to “arrive” at the scene. We have to become politically active and smarter. We have to participate in the process, rather than just being happy with some photographs with  the ministers. We have to become demanding.

To achieve something in the political arena, we have to identify people among us who can lead. We have to unite our community too. “Unite our community” does not mean ghettoing ourselves however as we are very much a part of the broad Australian community. We have to achieve many things as part of Australian community.

Someone can ask  whether it is important that we have one or more Indians in the political power. It is really not that important if you think about it superficially. It is however important when you think about it more deeply. We are part of Australian community and must be part of Australian political systems. Politics affects us from all the angles and we need to participate in it.  If we participate in it, then we must get our share in the power too. Remember the ultimate justification for us to be in the political power. This is what we say “why not?”.

You may not agree with me but that is my view. I welcome your view point.

We will achieve many things in this country and be more relevant in the processes here if we;

1. join political parties in bigger numbers

2. participate in the political processes and are willing to take leadership roles in the systems/parties

3. become more supportive of right type of people from any community but do not hold it against a person if that person is from our community. We need to rise above our region/language based identities and take our “Indian” identity.

4. unite our own community which has hundreds of associations, often in the same community.

5. we persuade assertively/actively those “leaders’ who have been in their positions for years without any real productivity or outcome, to move aside.

6. work for a genuine umbrella group/organisation which can represent all of us. The constitution, membership, agenda and leadership of such group/organisation should be transparent and dynamic with potential for required changes to fit with the prevailing circumstances. United Indian Associations [UIA] falls sort of these goals significantly. UIA can however reform itself if it is honest to its published goals. The Jury is out whether UIA can reform itself though. I have seen two examples recently which do not give me lot of hope however. High Commissioner of India had a meeting with Indian community leaders in Canberra last Wedbnesday. Everybody who is anybody in our community from all over Australia was there but no body from top 3 of UIA office bearers [President, Vice president and secretary] was there. Similarly, in the meeting with NSW Premier yesterday, neither the president was there nor the vice president. UIA secretary was there but the person who “spoke on behalf of UIA” was Raj Natarajan who is not in UIA executive committee [EC] currently. This is indicative of a dysfunctional organisation. This is sad but true that UIA is not able to lead us. Our community needs lot more than what UIA is able to deliver. It is the capacity issue. UIA  needs to shape up or ship out! Oh yes, UIA leaders need to keep in their mind that they are not particularly popular in our community and they can’t blame any one else except themselves for this situation. UIA leaders, please remember that our community needs lot more than a “MELA” [fair] to show as the output from UIA. I ask you to lead all of us but do you have what you need to have to lead us? We need the honest answers! I do not believe in criticising for sake of criticising only. To prove this, we are willing to help you and work with you with all the integrity and honesty, recognising that our community does not need one more association as we already have too many.

7. do everything to enhance the reputation of our community. Indian Australians have had a great reputation but it has been damaged recently. Some from our own community were exploiting Indian international students in all sorts of ways. Some of them did facilitate false work experience certificates, pay below-award wages, take bribes for work certificates and even arrange false IELTS certificates after taking some money. Some students have come to Australia, not to study but to have PR at any cost, often using fraud/false certificates. We need to demand the cleaning of rorts/scams and punishment for those who are involved in these rorts/scams.

8. have the Indian ethnic media which is committed to the restoration of our image. Publishing good reports or the photographs of such people [rorters/scammers] for whatever reason-friendship or advertisement dollars- should not happen.

9. network effectively among ourselves and other relevant people when it comes to the core issues in regards to our community. Uranium sale to India, more time in SBS TV/radio for India/Indian culture based on our numbers, statue of Mahatma Gandhi in a prominent place in Sydney, reception of the Indian community of NSW by the Premier of NSW as is the case for Chinese community of NSW and culturally appropriate/conducive nursing homes for our seniors are some issues which I can mention but there are many more.

10. learn to respect/support our people and shun the so called “Tall Poppy Syndrome” when we find that one of us is doing well. We should not have any problem if Neville Roach gets nominated to be a member of Indian PM’s Global advisory council or Susai Benjamin gets nomination for a membership in Multicultural advisory council of Immigration minister or Dr Yadu Singh gets interviewed by all the newspapers/TV stations on students’ issues. We need to curb our envy and not start attempting coups against our own people. I was disgusted to see hundreds of people, claiming leadership role on students’ issues during the peak of students’ trouble, forgetting that they were the ones who were exploiting these students. Even the “CHORs” [thieves] and looters from our community became leaders. Such below-standard people only made our work more difficult and gave us lots of anguish even when we were doing things for students without any personal benefit or conflict of interest. Thankfully, they have all disappeared. I did not see them in the meeting with NSW Premier yesterday. I was happy to note their absence, partly because they are good for nothing but more importantly, we are able to do lot more for our people without their insincere/harmful meddling. I would be meeeting VETAB/Ministry of education, NSW Gov on Thursday, 5th Nov in reference to Flying school students [School guys and students will be there too] and then chief of the NSW task force next week.

I am exhorting the Indian Australians to think over the issues we have and do introspection about where we are and where we are headed to as a community.

We need to work as a team if we want to achieve anything for any one we claim to serve for. Having said that, such team can not and will not have these “CHORs” [thieves] though.

I am ready and many of my friends are too but I am asking a question, “are you ready too?”

Yadu Singh/Sydney/03-11-09

12 thoughts on “Indian Australians:are we relevant in Australia & its systems?

  1. Once again You have delivered a well written article, pinpointing all the shortcomings within our community. So called political leaders in our community serve as DOOR MAT. Please use door mat to clean their shoes.
    Our so called leaders, if I say, act like door mat to these big political parties in Australia. They are Yes minister and Photo Minister people. The leaders of political parties use them and in return they give us a photo.
    Rights are Demanded and received by acting assertively. We need to assert for our rights. As you pointed out, we are 300000 strong which is more than 1% of Australian population, however we do not have any one to represent our interest in state let the federal matter alone.

    Hope with your continuous efforts, the community attitude will change and we will have a fair represenation at all levels of politics because We are part of Australia.


  2. Dr Yadu Singhji
    I fully agree with you that we should become part of the society and political system. We should not only work in the interest of India but also in the interest of community here.



  3. Dear Yadu
    I have gone through your letter carefully and found that your arguments have genuine depth. We as big commuinity should really think of getting some representation in Australian politics. It needs some committments and strong will power to achieve this task in the coming future.
    We should at least try for this. Best of luck.

    Dr. Javaid Khan


  4. Dear Yadu
    Once again congratulations on your unrelenting passion to perform as an all rounder dedicated & committed Indian. Your views can not be disputed but it needs to present in away which is practical & realistic without much controversy . Yes I shall support your political aspirations Regards Shailja


    • Thank you Shailja Ji. I wanted to help start a debate about the role of our community and its leaders in the Australian political processes. I did not want to be a diplomat because certain things must be said, irrespective of them being unpleasant. I hope its the message which is important, not the packaging. We are all intelligent people and I hope, a debate will start. I know that we can do a lot more than what we have done so far. I know our community has many very able people and they can lead our community in a much better manner when we consider the productivity of our “Chronic” leaders of the community. I do however agree with you that it is often better to put the things in a non-confrontational way but this may not always be possible. You are my senior from KG Medical College and a respected member of our community. I will continue to learn lot of things from you. Thank you again.

      Yadu Singh


  5. Well said Yadu ji,we are ready 100% to support you.At least I
    know the 100 people surrouding me will. Every drop of water
    counts to fill up the bucket.Not that, I want power or name(I resigned from one of the leading and main Association of Sydney as their Secretary) but our one indian voice to be heard and we need our members to represent us at the political and goverment level.
    With 300,000 capacity across Australia,I am sure we will be a force or at leaset hold the balance of power to reckon with a major political party who will support our views.

    Ahmed Hyder
    TG Holding Group of Companies.


    • Ahmed, thank you. You are spot on in reference to our community and its importance to Australian political/social systems. Your words do give me lots of encouragement for which I am grateful to you. I am keen to see lot more things happening in our community. Benevolent fund for Indians and students is one of them.
      With regards
      Yadu Singh


  6. Your comments and critism is very true. It is now time to act. Up till now, we were the ‘settler’ and were busy in building a life in new place, structure and facilities.
    Now is the time to move on the welfare of the community.
    Good work. Keep it up.


  7. Mate, Just correct me if I am wrong. That those Australian Indians who are in political parties should not only have plans and services for the general community but they should include agenda that affect the Indian community at large like uranium sale to India. I am aware of number of Indians in the political process they have given delivery of vaious services etc to the wider community but they should not forget Indians issues as well, is that what you are saying?


    • Thanks Harish. You got me right. I am saying that people from our community must not forget their roots. They undoubtedly need to work for the general Australian community but they should also act as the ambassadors for the fair issues between Australia and India. They must not forget to act on the pressing issues affecting our own Indian Australian community. Leadership starts from our own homes. OZ Uranium sale to India is a classical example and ALP members from our community must agitate inside ALP to get the ALP policy changed. This is outrageous for ALP Gov to refuse the sale of Uranium to India, knowing the energy needs of India, impeccable records of India in reference to nuclear non-proleferation and OZ’s claim to be India’s friend. If NSG [Nuclear Suppliers’ Group] can agree on the India-specific exemption despite India being a non-signatory to NPT, why can’t Australia do the same? Indian Australian leaders should have been more indignant when Dr Hanif was being dealt with unfairly 2 years ago. As I said before, we have to “arrive” on the scene in OZ political/social arena.


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