Student Visa Scam in Australia:One more story and one more angle!,,26252691-12332,00.html

I am sick and tired of the scams, rorts and fraudulent acts on the name of Student Visa and International education in Australia.

Now, human smuggling has been mentioned.

Please clean it, investigate it and prosecute those who are involved in it.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/24th Oct, 2009

One thought on “Student Visa Scam in Australia:One more story and one more angle!

  1. IT is not fair to the students who have applied for the PR as they have followed the rules and obligations from day one and finally reached to the step of achieving something. I personally acknowledged how students are waiting for their results of achieving PR after all the hard work. it is unfair for the students who have already applied because the government was stupid enough to invite the students and offered them PR just because they saw money coming their way. students only had the opportunities to work 20 hours a week and collect some money that can be used for the fees and other legal documents yet many didnt complain. Now the government realized it was their mistake to invite the students and provide them with pr which declined some form of employment and yet the students are to suffer? the government should be the one to face the consequences and deal with their faults instead of kicking the students out. yes its a good thing that government doesnt offer pr to the new courses. it will eventually stop more students coming to australia. but the students who applied for pr and tr should not be blamed and the action should be taken upon them.


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