Racist crimes are completely unacceptable:Urgent actions are needed.

We are very concerned with the news of the assaults of 3 Indians in Epping, Melbourne last weekend. The perpetrators were abusing them with racist language in front of the Police as Mr Glenn Parker of Vic Police stated in his interviews on ABC.

This is not “ON’ and is completely unacceptable.

Australia is not a racist country but there is a miniscule proportion of people who hold racist views. We do not care what views they have about who ever but they must not be allowed to get away when they commit crimes based on racist views.

It is not important whether there were 5, 20 or 70 people who assaulted Indians in Melbourne but it is important that Indians were assaulted apparently because they were Indians. Some of them have sustained horrific injuries. These attacks must not be tolerated.

I believe that Australian authorities need to take some urgent steps to tackle this uncommon, unusual but increasingly worrying trend where some people are assaulted only because of their race.

We suggest following steps;

1. we should create and codify a new category of crime ie  “race hate crimes” with harsher penalties

2. we start public education campaign on the lines of campaign against domestic violence ie “Australia says NO to racism and race hate crimes” ASAP. Through these campaigns via the media, we outline what damage the racism causes to others and what are the penalties if any one is caught doing racist crimes.

3. our police force do prompt investigation and commence prosecution of those who are involved in such crimes.

4. Minister of Immigration, Minister of Education and Minister for Foreign Affairs consider forming advisory council [s] which should include people from various backgrounds to advise them on matters relevant to these issues.

“Is Australia a racist country?” is a question which a lot of people have asked or are asking. My answer is still in negative and emphatically so but I do not doubt that there are some people [a very small fraction] who harbour racist views. I do not care about the views of these “Losers” but they must keep their views to themselves.

We need to act and must act urgently in this regard.

 After all, it is the image of Australia and “Brand Australia” which are at stake if we do nothing.

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/16th September, 2009

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