AISA and FISA must work together for students:interact, communicate and co-ordinate with the Indian community too!

Dear AISA and FISA leaders,

We ask that you;

1. work together,

2. interact, communicate and co-ordinate with the us [Indian community] as we are also a significant stake holder,

because you would have a better results for the international students if you follow these principles.

We ask you to please;

1. stay away from those who have a conflict of interest in the students’ matters,

2. be aware of the agenda of those so called “leaders” who are directly benefiting from students related matters,

Our Indian students need the help, support, encouragement, mentoring and leadership which can be provided if we all work as an effective and efficient team.

They have a right to have a quality training and freedom from exploitation. They have paid the money for it.

We can do it and lets do it.

Dr Yadu Singh/-6-09-09

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