Was Indian Media hysterical and imbalanced in its reportings of Indian students’ troubles in Australia?


Yes, certain sections of Indian Media in India were but they did help bring the issues into the focus. Thank you, Indian media for that!

I have seen NDTV show with Burkha Dutt and it was a great programme. Burkha Dutt did a balanced programme. I have seen a programme with Arnab Goswami and I would not call it a great show. Arnab Goswami has a style which does not allow others to speak. He is an anchor who talks too much. His programme was not balanced. 

Australian media picked up the issues only after the Indian media has done what it did.

I do believe the “Racist” tag for everything in Australia was over the top reaction. It would have been good if Indian media also has done the investigation on the scams/rorts. They should have spoken with established Indian Australians who have been in Australia for years.

Indian media is free and we saw it vividly recently. We are proud of that fact.

I believe that Indian media in India did a necessary/vital job but they would have done a better job if they had an access to the views from Indian Australians who have been here for years. They would have done a better job if they had their journalists in Australia. They would have done a better job if they had not over-played a “Racism” tag.

India media, I say this to you. We have lived here for quite long. We are proud of our Indian heritage and we are equally proud of  being Australians. Like other countries in the world, Australia does have a crime situation. It may be even a lot better if the crime statistics are analysed comparatively. Australia is not perfect but it is not a racist country. Every country including India has some racist people and you can see that in the NDTV show with Burkha Dutt. Australia is no exception.Racism is a crime here and Australian policies are not racist like they were in South Africa during Apartheid era.

Yadu Singh

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