Dr Yadu Singh, Sydney, Australia

Welcome to my site!

Let me introduce myself. I live in Sydney, Australia.  I am also a Physician or Internal Medicine specialist with MD. I obtained my basic medical degrees and training [MBBS and MD]  from the prestigious medical institutions in India. My specialist training as a cardiologist was in Australia which led to FRACP [Fellow of The Royal Australasian College of Physicians].  I work as cardiologist in Sydney, NSW.

In addition to being a doctor, I have a keen interest in any matter which has anything to do with Australia, India and Indian-Australians. I consider myself well-informed about what is happening in Australia, India and the World. I love my community, which includes not just Indian Australians, but also all Australians, irrespective of their ethnicity, religion and gender. I am in the community work and leadership because I enjoy doing it and wish the best for the community. It is definitely not for any personal benefit.

This Blog is not about medicine. This is all about my political and social views on a variety of relevant issues. I urge you to not drag my profession while debating with me on political/social views. I am not a member of any political party. I am a keen observer of politics, however. I am often a social and political commentator, and my comments are often sought by the media.

Australia is my home since 1991. I live in Australia physically, mentally and socially. Australia is my “Karm Bhumi or Place of work”, but India will always remain my “Matra Bhumi or Birth place”, with a significant emotional bonding, and a place deep inside my heart. I love Australia and India both. I support Australian cricket team in every match except when they play with the Indian team. When that happens, I become neutral and rejoice with either winning team! [Just kidding!].

I identify myself as an Australian when choosing between Australian and any other identity as I share my value system with Australian value system and Australia is my home. When dealing with regions, religions or languages from India, I am an “Indian” first and anything else much later. I love India dearly as it is the place of my birth, but I love Australia no less because it is a great country and it has given me so much. I have no doubt that Australia is a great place to live and work, and Australians are fantastic people. Australia has my total loyalty!

Unlike some, I do not believe that Australia is a racist nation, although I recognize that there are some people who hold racist views, just like some people in any other country of the world. Such people are however a tiny minority. Vast majority of Australian people, like any other country, are fair-minded people. Systems, rules, Laws, regulations and Governance in Australia are not based on racism or racist agenda.

I wish to see Indian-Australians to be well-integrated among themselves and within Australian general community socially and politically. I want to see Indian Australians in the state and federal parliaments. I will not support an Indian Australian politician however if he/she is not a good person, lacks ability and if there is a better alternative candidate in the contest, irrespective of race, religion or gender of that candidate.

I am a strong advocate of good Australia-India relations. I want to see these relations go to newer heights.

I am comfortable with people who have integrity and decency, irrespective of their race, religion, gender or political views, but  I detest those who exploit vulnerable people like students and new immigrants. I am not a fan of those who do not have any idea or understanding of “conflict of interest”.

I am a strong believer and a supporter of the multiculturalism and Multicultural Australia. To put it simply, multiculturalism to me is about freedom to practise and enjoy my own culture, enjoy other cultures, let others enjoy their own cultures and to integrate with the general Australian culture, ethos  and values, which must always remain supreme. I believe in integration, not segregation. I like good and decent people from all sections of the Australian society, irrespective of their race, religion, beliefs, culture or political persuasion.

I have been active  in the community over the years. Details of my community work can be found here.  http://tinyurl.com/7opu4tv

ABC Radio National Video about me is here. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fradionational%2Fvideos%2F10154646233077378%2F&show_text=0&width=560

ABC Radio National Audio “How one immigrant fell in love with Australia” is here: http://ab.co/2f9zQfe

ABC article is here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-10-25/indian-doctors-immigration-experience-he-learnt-about-a-fair-go/7960734

I encourage you to go through my Blog posts and make comments, if necessary. I want to network with you and encourage you to join me via Twitter, Facebook or  this Blog.

I recognize that you may not agree with every thing I say, have said, do, or have done. Irrespective of that, I encourage you to join me in debating on these matters, provided you have something positive to contribute. I am reasonably open-minded and have learnt to see merits in a well-argued point of view. I value your views, as long as you identify yourself while making your comments. I respect even those views which are not aligned with mine, provided they are advancing a debate on a topic. I believe that diversity of views and opinions is a positive thing for the community. I believe in the concept of “agree to disagree” when we are unable to have the same view on a subject. 

I am keen to network with people from wide spectrum of fields, using face to face interactions and social media.

I can  be reached via Email  dryadusingh@gmail.com, Twitter  www.twitter.com/dryadusingh, Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/DoctorYaduSingh, Facebook personal profile www.facebook.com/dryadusingh and Linkedin http://au.linkedin.com/pub/yadu-singh/52/581/864.  

Thank you for visiting my site.

With best regards

Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney/Australia





(Edited 11 May, 2021)

69 thoughts on “Dr Yadu Singh, Sydney, Australia

  1. सर मेरा नंबर 9454 4886 51 इस नंबर पर आप अपना कांटेक्ट नंबर सेंड कर दीजिए आप से बात करनी है मैं बहुत मुश्किल में हूं


  2. Hello Sir, I’m Purnima from Mumbai, India. Sir, I went thru ur website and read about ur works too. Since u r so much connected and active in networking, js wanted to knw if u can help me in locating an indian , in Sydney, my husband.


  3. Hi Doctor Singh,
    I hope you are fine
    I understand you got busy.Please give your number and suggest suitable time to have a telephonic conversation with you.I will call you

    Thanks and Regards
    Chandni Kansal


  4. Dear Sir,
    Hope you are fine
    I guess you got busy
    Please give your number and suggest suitable time to have a telephonic conversation with you.

    Thanks and Regards
    Chandni Kansal.


  5. Hi Doctor Singh,

    I came across your blog and I am highly impressed by your accomplishments in Australia. There are very few people who reach to such heights in foreign countries. I recently finished my post graduation in anesthesiology (M.D. Anesthesia) from India and moved to Melbourne. I am permanent resident of Australia . I feel Australia is a great country to work and learn new technology about health and medicine. I want to register and license in Australia as an anesthesiologist and I understand that this is very complicated and lengthy process. I will highly appreciate if you will guide me about this process . Your assistance will be greatly acknowledged

    Thanks and Regards
    Dr. Chandni Kansal


  6. Sir,

    one of my close friends S V Sharma ( s. Venkateshwara sharma from Bangalore had gone to Australia after passing an examination and getting a work permit. But really not able to hear or see him since then. How do I get to know if at all he has entered australia in 1992, or lost somewhere? can u help kindly?


    • Nice to hear from you, Dheeru. Hope, everything is ok with you and your extended family. I hear there are many from our extended network of relatives living in Delhi now. Cheers! Dr Yadu Singh/Sydney


  7. Hi Doctor. Welcome to Twitter Family. I am a retd Commandant of BSF. And also a 1971 Indo Pak War Veteran. My Face Bool A/C is Vinod Tuli. I believe in National Interest. Profiles on Twitter and FB (in case u are on FB). Regds. Good Night (morning at ur end).


  8. Hello

    Yankee med student, and I was curious about physicians opinion and outlook to healthcare in australia.

    Not sure how much US policies are followed (I wouldnt want to if I didnt live here), but I see alot of parallels in your system.

    I think your country could really learn off our mistakes that led us to our current situation.

    How do you see the different corporate influences in your healthcare system and their influence over policies? Lobbying, etc

    Less than 10% of our annual 2.5 trillion healthcare expenditures are related to the workforce costs, doctors/nurses/everybody.

    The 90% plus are the drugs, hospitals, insurance companies which has caused this unsustainable annual expenditure.

    I’ve been taking a broad look at your changes online and system, but see the same thing happening in australia down the road. As the US has shown growth and boom markets dont last

    How do you reach out to the public and politicians over the loud voice of corporations?

    I mean this isnt selling a fosters beer or a coca cola, this is peoples health and certain profit margins should not be allowed on life and death. Especially many in the US that are poorly earned with patent protections that are far from earned.

    I mean I see a large lobbying influence, pharmas influence on physicians, the same insurance that will spend maybe 70% of the premiums they take on healthcare expenditures.

    You have many great steps for protecting the standard of living of individuals, amazing minimum wages and strong labor unions but I worry that these companies pockets will be too big in the end and dont see anything to change the negative effect theyve had on our healthcare system. Not to mention standard of living, which has more to do with healthcare than any doctor could provide


  9. youre talk about multiculturalism, mr singh, rings like a cracked bell in the light of the criticism of the play ganesh vs the 3rd reich which you have put up on your website.
    seriously, the world is wide and wonderful and full of great things. but these little balls of hatred that appear and threaten to destroy other little things should not be fed.
    i agree with you that australia is not free of racism. definitely. no buts.
    but who owns the great symbols of the world? who has the right to say what should or should not be created out of the large symbols? unfortunately the world now has been reduced to extreme points of narrowness born of negativity and ignorance.


  10. Quating from news.com.au, sydney morning and other autralian news…

    ” Dr Singh said Mr Swami was behaving normally in the days leading up to his disappearance, and had even holidayed in Brisbane with some visiting relatives the week before.

    Now those relatives have halted their travel plans and joined Mr Swami’s Sydney-based uncle Surender Gora in a frantic search.

    Dr Singh, former chief of the Indian Consul General’s community committee on Indian students’ issues, said Mr Swami’s mother and father remain helpless in India.

    The mother is beside herself and fears the worst, he said.

    “The family are worried about a drastic situation because it is very unusual for him not to call anyone in Sydney or his own mother in India,” Dr Singh said.

    “They are still hoping that maybe he is somewhere and that he will call or return, but they are worried about the possibility that some nasty outcome may happen.”


    My view – 35,000 missing people in australia each year (according to stat. salvation army), why our so call ‘good indian community leader’ have to make inputs to a big media drama for swami as he is as normal as anyone in australia.

    Dr.yadu , you have always criticised bad indian media when covering the indian student attacks as some of it was unnessary , same thing has happened here, a shamful incident, swami desereves slaps on his face rather a family dinner his uncle announced to the media, swami shold say sorry to the indian high consulate and australian police, waste of tax payers money and time, we have to stop rasing our voice all the time when indians are invloved in crimes because so far many of these crimes proved to be either fake or have indian behind it.we can not be different from aussies……we need equal balanced media covarge in all good and bad things, if we want to normally adjust here…..gd luck !!


  11. Hi, A fantastic blog, I have to admit this is really well thought out, this forum definitely needs bloggers like you. Filling the place with some good tips and information, I did follow A couple of your posts, they been relevant and important points were elaborated. I must say we should always be ready to post in our best knowledge to aid people. Really love your posting.


  12. dear dr singh,
    i could not figure out any other way of contacting you. i hope you reply to this. i am asking my friends to sign the online petition for international students. is it alright to do so now? or is it too late? if it is not too late then tell me is it alright to ask my friends who are not in australia to sign it? please answer as soon as possible.
    thank you for doing the good work.


    • Sorry that I have not replied. I have returned from a Cardiology conference today and will reply within days.


      Yadu Singh


      • Did you get any info? The best place to contact is Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Sydney. They are the one who control training programme for physicians. They do have a website.


  13. sir i m doin my mbbs frm pgims rohtak , i want to study mu pg in medicine frm australia , pls guide me how to proceed ……, i kjnw little bit abt amc , pls give me detail knowledge f stipend , applyin procedure , pr , etc …….


  14. Dear Mr Singh,
    This is really funny , I arrived in sydney 3 yrs ago and I didn’t know even a soul here , the first night i met this indian fallow and he gave me one advice ” keep away from indians and u b happy ” . I moved into a flat , my nxt door neighbor invited me for a party.One person from karnataka who is in australia for 15 yrs started talking with me and when i told him I am from rajasthan and did my higher studies in bangalore , he got agitated and told me that all the bloody north indians r moving to bangalore and corrupting the place and culture, property prices have gone up , bangalore is no more garden city & blah blah.I was totally gob-smacked . do u see the irony here .now as i am writing it i am going crazy as my gujarati neighbor’s Music system is blaring out all kind of pujas & aartis.U know why it’s so loud b’coz he knows his neighbors are indians who take things for granted and going against the god ….now thats blasphemous ….sorry but there is so much to vent out…..my friends has started calling me albert pinto……I am trying to find out whether the indians in USA r same as here , i m not worried abt australian or brit but my fallow indian……………..


    • Thanks for your comments. It is sad that some of us have the views which you have described. Trust me, there are many great people among us just like any other community. We need to seek them and network with them.

      Yadu Singh


  15. an australian attacked in UP-india today, just 5 hours ago, stabbed and looted and thorn on railway track, he was a krishna bhakt,


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