RADIO UMANG 98.5 MHZ/FRIDAYS/8-9 PM: Health Radio in English.

Hello friends

We have a new Radio programme called RADIO  UMANG on 98.5 MHZ every Fridays between 8-9 PM. We talk about health matters which are relevant to Indians and South Asians in Sydney. We also take up community matters.

I am its host and have had many doctors in my programme.

We have already covered Diabetes,Hypertension, insomnia/sleep hygiene, depression, women’s health, immunization, heart diseases, sleep apnea, acidity/peptic ulcer/reflux, back pain, osteoporosis, relaxation and heart attack.

Following doctors have participated in this programme;

Dr Yadu Singh

Dr Hem Rao

Dr Shailja Chandra

Dr Ray Pallath

Dr Paddy Singh

Dr Nadia Tejani

Dr Geoffrey Needham

More issues would be covered.

It is broadcast in English.

Do tune in at 98.5 MHZ every Friday between 8-9 PM.

Yadu Singh/Sydney/02-10-o9

#This prgramme is not operational NOW.#

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